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In the Cage: A Semi-Incoherent Recount of Saturday

I sometimes find it difficult to encapsulate my experiences in writing. Not because I can’t think of the right words, or even because I’m not sure what point to make. My troubles come from wanting to put everything into the first sentence because I cannot decide which of the dozens of memories, anecdotes and stories I want to tell first.  So as a humble wordsmith, I simply do the best I can and hope to convey the essence of what happens, even if I miss a few details.

That entire preamble is to simply say that Saturday night was as ridiculous a night as I have experienced in a while. That’s pretty impressive even when looking back at just my month in Germany so far. Not that the other evenings out haven’t had their surreal moments, Milch bar is particular comes to mind, but Saturday somehow crammed a lot more of them into a shorter time frame.

The anticipation that the night would be more than passing strange had built for a while. On Thursday and Friday, Ross had shared some more anecdotes about the group I’d joined from before my time, enlightening me as to some of the undercurrents connecting people.  Then, just hours before the event itself, a casual online conversation with Kristyn expanded on that theme, so as I set forth from my apartment I was more than a bit curious to find out what the evening would bring.

I had gotten mixed messages about when to show up so I split the difference and arrived around 7:30, hours earlier than I had before for these nights out. I immediately noted the caution tape arrows pointing to the apartment and smiled as I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door, already vibrating slightly from the music within. Fraser opened the door and I stepped into a strange mix of a 1970’s discotheque and some post-apocalyptic night club. It was mainly the lighting. Blacklights gave a dim blue illumination to a scene otherwise lit only by the reflected red light spinning around the room courtesy of a disco ball in the living room. The ultraviolet gave some outfits an eerie luminescence while the red light gave a devilish cast to every face in the room. Add in the blacklight paint on the walls and the plastic sheeting taped to the floor and it was clear that this was an apartment ready for a real party.

Grabbing a beer and a seat on one of the couches I said hello to the usual cast of characters and introduced myself to some new faces as a slow progression of people started to fill the apartment. I met Alana, a Swedish girl but a long-time resident of Germany and discussed her psychology research and the dissection of brains. Though I don’t claim to know the story behind it, a large German shepherd appeared early on and wandered rather frantically through the apartment before leaving with his owners again.

Soon after that, my sense of time imploded. Most of the evening is in snapshots and so I’ve decided to be a bit of a lazy writer so that I don’t have to try to reconstruct a series of events in any real order.

I don’t know how he does it, but every week Fraser somehow manages to do something extra-memorable to me, over and above the usual ridiculousness of the group . This time it was the hair, the crazy faux-hawk he created from some sort of industrial strength wax. He made it work though, probably that Scottish charm.

Though I mostly drank beer, Jamie and others were wonderfully generous to me with their liquor. And everyone it seemed shared their liquor with the floor. Very quickly it became noticeably difficult to walk around, at least while still managing to keep your shoes on. It happened with almost alarming regularity, as when Kristyn spilled nearly a full cup of Jaegermeister all over herself and the floor, or when I noticed another young lady drop a full bottle of beer on the ground and have so much trouble picking it up it was empty when she finally got her hand around it. Some, like Barbara, conscientiously cleaned up their spills, others decided to let fate handle the mess, making me very glad I had decided to leave my shoes on.

I had a nice chat at one point with Jamie as he explained to me who was who at the party. With so many people there it wasn’t really possible for me to talk to all of them. He kept getting interrupted by some brunette gal who seemed very keen to get close to him. Apparently he wasn’t interested in her. Meanwhile, he wouldn’t really go after the girl he actually said he fancied a bit because of his new philosophy of not chasing after girls (though he amended that to say that if it just happened he wouldn’t say no).

Relatives for some reason abounded in the night. I met both Mauritz’s and Klaus’ little sisters (both very nice, very pretty young women). Jamie insisted early on that he was going for Mauritz’s sister (Jelena) despite the fact that she had a boyfriend and that he was actually there (Jamie went through a lot of stages in his attitude toward women throughout the night). Mauritz was very insistent as the night went on that we do a shot together, since he thought I wasn’t drinking enough (even though I definitely was). We shared a shot or two and I complimented him on how well he gets along with his sister, especially since it’s only recently I’ve been able to get along with my brother. He said she makes it easy to get along although he then related some less complimentary opinions on other facets. But that’s siblings I suppose. I don’t have a sister but I could sympathize.

Sometime around 2 am I noticed that most of the people I knew seemed to have vanished. Looking in at Fraser’s room, I saw Jamie attempting to sleep while Fraser, Kristyn, Barbara, and Roel attempted to get him out of the bed. He wasn’t having it though and eventually everyone except Barbara gave up. It was another half-hour or so before I saw him again. Apparently Barbara’s persistence got him to get up, which was just as well considering what happened not too long after.

Romance (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) was another major theme of the evening. Everywhere I looked I could see couple kissing and cuddling, mostly the younger set but occasionally other. Of course to no one’s surprise, but everyone’s amusement, Fraser and Kristyn were seen together. What actually happened was that at one point Sven and several others decided to pound on his closed door repeatedly and yell a lot until they drove Kristyn, red-faced with embarrassment, out into the hall.

She was hardly the only one of course, just the most…noticeable of the group. I saw another couple rather adorably holding hands even as one of the before mentioned make out sets played enthusiastic tonsil hockey on the couch next to them. Barbara was actively pursued by at least two gentlemen that I saw although she insisted she was just being friendly and not trying to lead them on. I believe her, but I know the glint of hope in a fellow’s eyes when I see it.

Perhaps the longest sustained conversation I had all night was with a girl I met named Davina. Jamie and I began talking to her when she came inside from some errand outside the apartment and the black lights lit up a veritable fireworks display of paint on her face. Discussing that and a myriad of other topics, I learned that she had met Mauritz and Sven in a club a few weeks before, which was how she had ended up at the party. I also learned that high school in Germany lasts one more year than in America, and she still had another year to go. We reminisced together about Vancouver and the general area around there in British Columbia where she had spent a semester and where I visited occasionally as it is quite close to Seattle. As always, I was impressed by the casual bilingualism she employed like most other Germans I had met. And also like all other Germans, she downplayed her skill in English even though it was totally intelligible and the accent didn’t detract at all.

While I met other people during the night, it’s mostly a blur of faces. Even some of the people I already knew I barely remember seeing. I saw Morgan chatting with other Au Pairs at one point but that’s almost my only memory of her that night. The same with Klaus, Eva, and Sven, all of whom I only spoke to briefly during the party. Of course, one of the best things about a group that meets on a semi-regular basis is that there’s always next time (probably this weekend).

One of the continually (to me) surprising things about staying up all night is how hungry you can get. It makes sense since not eating for nine hours while conscious is a long time. By the time that hunger became impossible to ignore, the party as a while was a much smaller affair. Kristyn and a few others took it upon themselves to take a couple requests from people and then go out and get McDonald’s, which conveniently had just opened. Though they apparently got lost on the way back, eventually they arrived and passed out burgers and fries to the remaining hardcore people left at the apartment. As I watched Eva wolf down her fries, my own stomach gave a small rumble, which was a good signal I should start thinking about leaving.

Around about 5 am, the place was mostly empty. Discarded bottles and cups littered the floor. Mauritz’s room, which had been designated as the smoking-room, was utterly destroyed. Amid a haze of stale tobacco, I could see his shelf had been broken nearly right off the wall, while his floor, bare of the plastic protection in the rest of the house, was sticky enough to make leaving a real challenge. I can only hope it didn’t take too long to clean up.

Jamie, Roel, Barbara, and I left together, walking to Marienplatz, our arrival timing out perfectly for me to catch the train back to my apartment, where I showered off the smells of the night and collapsed into bed a little after 6, sleeping until 3 pm.

Now it’s the week of my birthday. I will have a small dinner get-together on Thursday but other than that I’m not sure if I have any specifically birthday-based plans. Perhaps that’s best so I will be ready to go out again this weekend, not to mention do more touristy things (castles!).

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