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Trains, Trains, and….Trains

After getting back from Dachau, I rested a bit and tried to figure out what I would do in the evening. It was up in the air due to some people being out-of-town, others having visitors and just general confusion at my end over what was happening. Luckily, with enough persistence, and the magic of Facebook, I put together enough of a plan to start with, and as always was happy enough to see where the night would take me.

To start with, it took me to Fraser’s apartment or as I like to think of it, my weekend home. I headed into town around 9:30, meeting up with Ross on the way and the three of us settled down to drink (I borrowed some of Ross’ whiskey). Mauritz, Eva, Klaus, and Morgan were out at Hofbrauhaus and Fraser said we would meet up with them later, so we chatted and drank, waiting for Sorcha, who had informed us she would meet us there soon. When she arrived (after some difficulty getting in), Fraser finished getting ready (including putting in some of that fabulous hair wax) while Sorcha caught up in drinks to us. We walked over to Hofbrauhaus (with a short stop to give directions to a stranger) and I enjoyed the night air, which while chilly, was no longer the unbearable cold I had come to expect. I also quite liked the company, partially because of Ross and Fraser’s bantering skill, but also just the foreign appeal (enthusiasm for soccer, strange town rivalries and other Scottish/Irish peculiarities). At Hofbrauhaus, the bouncers weren’t letting people in anymore because it was so close to closing time, and the same was true at the Augustiner bar across the street, so we ended up at the Hard Rock Café.

This turned out quite well as the four of us talked, listened to music, tried strange cocktails (my lemon drop was almost pure alcohol and may have had salt on the rim), and just generally enjoyed the atmosphere of American music. The photos of KISS reminded me of our makeup adventure of the week before, and it was certainly funny to see the gold record from the New Radicals (who only had one popular song).

Not too long after, the other left Hofbrauhaus and we all met up at Killian’s, the Irish pub where I had watched rugby. As we walked in, I coincidentally ran into Brooke and Jessica who had just finished a six-hour drinking and listening to a cover band evening with Lydia and others. Both were very drunk and very funny but I couldn’t convince them to stay. I shrugged and followed the others down into the bar. It was nice seeing Morgan, Eva, Klaus, and Mauritz after what seemed a long while. I also met a friend of theirs, a Danish girl named Tennr, another Au Pair. Many of them were already quite far gone, and the rest of us did our best to keep up, in between Sorcha trying to cajole Ross into dancing, and getting pushed by people trying to squeeze by in the crowded bar. The last call bell soon rang and we all made our way up and out of the bar, herded along by bouncers who apparently weren’t keen on having us too close by. I enjoyed hearing Eva speak Swedish while Tennr replied in Danish yet both could understand each other. We also acquired some new guy, or at least he was new to me as I didn’t see him at the bar. Everyone else accepted his presence so I didn’t say anything.

We headed to Lola Ludwig’s, with a brief bathroom stopover at McDonald’s, where Klaus and Morgan decided to stay and eat. Somehow, Sorcha, Eva, Tennr, the new guy, and I got separated from the rest of the group and even got a bit lost, which was frustrating. Sorcha was trying to convince her friends to meet us but they were ensconced elsewhere and unlikely to come out. Eventually we did find Lola, although without Mauritz there we had to pay to get in.

Lola was hopping when we got there, although they didn’t seem to have changed their playlist at all in the five weeks since my first visit. It was very loud and crowded, but not overwhelmingly so. For some reason there was a table where three men were dancing and stripping, and the whole club had a gay club vibe to it that I hadn’t noticed before. Not everyone enjoyed the show, I saw a few girls mock gagging at the shirtless guys, but all my attention was on the floor show, where Ross and Eva were having some sort of dance-off, including a splendid display of the running man. Tennr and the new guy (whose name I never learned) and Mauritz and Eva were not long after that paired up against the wall, acting like there was a sale on saliva and they wanted to stock up. For Fraser, Ross, Sorcha, and I, that was a sign it was time to get going. I was already quite tired, having been up early and busy all day, so I was happy to go.

We made a stop at McDonald’s for a late night (or early morning) snack, digesting our night and our food at the same time. Ross almost fell asleep before we left, but he roused long enough for he and Sorcha to split a cab back to their respective domiciles (after a group hug that still makes me chuckle) and Fraser and I began the walk to his place. Fraser commented he rarely walked home so sober, which, reflecting on our previous walks, I had to agree with. We went in to his apartment and saw that Mauritz, Eva, Klaus, and Morgan were already there, as was another couple I didn’t recognize. Fraser, in his ninja fashion went straight to bed, and after a brief discussion on future drinking with Mauritz, I tried to do the same. The extra couple left, Mauritz and Eva went into his room, Klaus and Morgan went to Sven’s room, and Tennr and her fellow staked out the couch bed I normally used, leaving me with the smaller couch to lie on, which wasn’t too bad, especially given how fatigued I was.

As I was drifting off to sleep though, I heard a sound, and when it repeated, I woke up all the way, and realized that the two on the couch were moaning, with everything that implied. Distinctly uncomfortable, I huddled on my couch and tried my best to ignore the sounds and sleep. Somehow, I did manage to drop off, awakening around ten, and heading out. Once back in Garching, I showered and changed and decided to get a little work and recreation in at the computer at work since mine is kaput. When I got off the train though, I received a phone call from Jessica, inviting me to meet up with her and Brooke to go to a museum and enjoy the rather nice, sunny day. So I turned right back around and went back into to town to meet up with the two of them (looking only slightly worse for drink) and we walked/rode a train/rode a tram to Alte Pinakothek, the old art museum. There were some amazing piece there, including Da Vinci, Rubens, Titian, and others, though the religious themes do get a little monotonous after a while. To amuse myself and my companions, I would occasionally make up stories to go along with the pictures (And here’s Jesus getting ready for his fashion show…) which were funnier due to all of our fatigue. Museumed out by the time we were done, the two of them went to run errands and go home, while I yet again took the train to Garching, spending the evening doing not much at all, and nearly over-sleeping the next day after my busy weekend.

This week looks to be rather full as well, but I am looking forward to it. I am also planning a trip to Vienna soon if I can arrange all the details. And so endeth my weekend post.

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