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Writing for Work and Amusement

It’s been a busy week here at work. I’m working on several news and photo releases, not to mention more subtitling, and helping Colleen with ideas for a video on Hubble’s 20th anniversary. Between that and going to the gym I’m falling asleep exhausted every night. Of course, that doesn’t prevent me from wanting to go out, so yesterday being Thursday, I took myself off for another Toytown evening.

I had gotten to work early a lot this week, which worked out for me leaving a little early yesterday to get to the gym. Normally I would have waited for Ross and gone to the gym with him (as I will this evening) but I wanted to get my workout in earlier so I could get into the Munich and buy a phone card before everything closed at 8. Closing at 8 is one of the less fun aspects of living in Bavaria, but I’m learning to work around it. After my run and some weights, I took a quick shower and ran out to catch the train, getting into town and buying the card just ten minutes before all of them closed.

I knew that most people wouldn’t be showing up until 9ish, but having nothing better to do, I went over to where Favorit bar where the event was to be held. I couldn’t find it. I ran into some other Toytown people who told me that apparently the bar didn’t open until 9 and didn’t even have lights or signs out. While we waited, we went to the next door hotel bar, a decidedly locals only kind of place, full of smoke and knickknacks and American classic rock. It was a little uncomfortable, especially when the bartender decided there was enough of us and locked the door from both sides, meaning new people couldn’t get in and we couldn’t even get out until after everyone paid and we were ready to walk back. Strange, but apparently not to the locals.

Back in front of Favorit, a small crowd had gathered to watch the bartender finish getting the bar ready to open, including Kerre, the erstwhile Montanan, who had been out-of-town for a couple of weeks but was back and looked eager to have fun. The door opened and we all shuffled in. Through chance (and possibly by accidentally cutting in line) Kerre and I were first at the bar, where the bartender, knowing his audience, had already started drawing beer from the tap. I ordered a shot of rum and a beer for each of us (after explaining to Kerre that whiskey isn’t really a shot kind of liquor) which we enjoyed as we chatted about words and language. Jess and her boyfriend and his friend came in not long after and Jess and I updated Kerre on our trip to the art museum.

The place, which had strange bed like protrusions from the floor, a raised level in the back and eerie red lighting, was full almost from the moment it opened, but luckily I was still close enough to the door to see Ross, Fraser, and Jamie come in. It was nice catching up with Jamie after his trip and hearing from Fraser about some of the aftermath of the previous Saturday. Kerre insisted on getting another shot and beer for each of us, although I don’t know if she understood that since I’m bigger and taller than her, it would have much less effect on me. Mostly I was just tired from the long week. After talking with the guys for a while, I wandered into the back where I found Jess and Kerre chatting with some guys wearing matching shirts that proclaimed them to be on a “Lad’s Tour.” Apparently, a group of friends from England, they went on trips to different places every year, this year in Munich. Kerre, now rather far gone, was enjoying the attention, but Jess and her boyfriend decided to call it a night.

It was then I got a call from Sorcha, who was trying to get into the bar with her friend Karen but couldn’t because it was just too full. I told Kerre I was going to go find a bar with Sorcha and if she wanted to come but she seemed happy enough, so after a quick hello to Mauritz, who had wandered in while I was in the back of the bar, I went outside and met up with Sorcha and Karen. I hadn’t met Karen previously although I had briefly spoken to her on the phone the night we all painted our faces, when she called Ashley to cancel on coming, so it was nice to meet her in person. After a short discussion and a brief moment of confusion as to where we were, the three of us ended up at Die Bank, close by and somewhere I actually knew, having been there before. It was a fun walk, especially the interplay between Sorcha’s Irish accent and Karen’s strongly Californian way of speaking.

Die Bank was busy but not so crowded as Favorit, so we went in and got drinks and continued our mostly light talk, including speculation on Sorcha’s house party this Saturday and congratulating her on getting the architecture internship she wanted. I received a call from Ross while we were finishing our drinks that they were heading to Burger King, so the three of us left Die Bank and went over to Marienplatz. On the way I had a conversation on the phone with a very confused Kerre who didn’t remember me telling her I was leaving. She apparently asked Fraser where I was, and then got to talking with him, ending up with her doing the walk of shame from his place this morning. At Burger King we met up with Ross and another fellow for a while before, wanting to catch the last train, we walked over to the U-Bahn station. The girls left, and then Ross and I took the train (upon which Ross realized he’d lost the candy Jamie had brought back for him from the UK) and around 1 I finally got back to my apartment. Today was another busy day at work and I am looking forward to more trips and fun this weekend, with plenty to write about. As the blog title says, that’s what I do.

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