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I’m Pretty Sure I Used to Sleep on Saturdays…

Planning trips can be almost as much fun as actually going on them. Looking through possible destinations and itineraries for my upcoming (still tentative) trips, I’m reminded yet again how glad I am to be here, and how much I hope to be able to stick around the continent for a while. And even sticking around Munich is never dull, stressful sometimes, and confusing as well, but never dull.

I’ve been going to the gym with Ross and working out in the evenings, and while my sore muscles aren’t thrilled with the stepped up regimen, I’m happy to be doing hard workouts again. The gym really is quite nice, but I wish the Germans there would use more (or even some) deodorant because it can get rather rank by the weights. Several of us had talked about going out on Friday but I was far too tired from the night before, and the week in general so I took it easy, though I did have a strange, random online talk with Sara, a girl I’d met just once at the party at Fraser’s, who wanted me to make mean comments about some guy she felt had referred to her as a Nazi. I obliged though I wasn’t really sure he hadn’t just made a dumb joke rather than a malicious statement. Either way, I fell asleep later than I had planned, but somehow couldn’t sleep in, waking up around 9, going for a short run and then heading to work to use the computers there and do a little work/recreation.

I left early in the afternoon, meeting Ross on the train and going to Killian’s to watch the Ireland/England rugby match. We arrived early and walked around the center of town, enjoying what was unquestionably the nicest day I’d seen so far in Munich, sunny, even warm. There were a lot of people about, including some kind of protest march and a concert (of awful disco-esque songs) near the Rathaus. We went over to Fraser’s to see if he was around but he wasn’t so we just dropped off our alcohol and left again. We made our way back to the bar and proceeded to watch a fun game of rugby. Fun not so much for the game itself, which I still don’t completely understand, but for the amazing excitement in the crowded bar, especially Ross who would bit his shirt pull his hair, talk about just leaving from the tension, and generally amuse me, though unintentionally, throughout the game. Ireland did finally win, after a couple of spectacular goals (or tries as they are referred to in rugby). Ross was deliriously happy, possibly aided by the drinking. As he kept telling me, “You have no idea how happy I am.” He even called his mom after the match to gush over it, a charming moment. We wanted to get food, but Ross decided he should get ready for the night first so we went to his apartment, which I had never seen before, walking by the famous graveyard and out into some park near Nordfriedhof. It was a nice place (minus the garbage on the balcony at least) and had a wonderful view of the city. After he changed and got ready, we went to a restaurant near Odeonsplatz, an Italian buffet style place that had good food although the waiting was unbearable considering how hungry we both were. Once we had sated our hunger, it was time for the evening to really begin, as it almost invariably does, at Casa de Fraser.

The weather was nice enough to make it a pleasant walk to Sendlinger, and settled into the apartment around 9. It was a bit of déjà vu from the week before with just the three of us, and Klaus, Morgan, Eva, and Mauritz out at dinner. At one point Jelena, Mauritz’s sister, made an appearance looking for him, but he wasn’t there and she soon left. People started to show up soon after though, Jamie and Roel and Kristyn of course, and even Ally, along with Rachel, her friend visiting from England (also known as Ginger). It was nice catching up with people I hadn’t seen in a while, like Kristyn, and of course watching people drink is never dull, especially Ally and Rachel (whom I had an interesting chat about northern England with, in between their singing and rapping). The four who had been out showed up and it was really a nice time. Our original plan had been to leave and go to Sorcha’s apartment, where there was a house party, around 11, but what with one thing and another, we didn’t make it outside until 11:30. Some kept trying to get us out the door but there were always some who weren’t ready yet (I think Fraser and Kristyn were fighting or making out or both in his room, hard to tell with those two. It was a big group though, with me, Ross, Fraser, Jamie, Ally, Rachel, Klaus, Morgan, and Kristyn. In a strange new twist, I was the one leading people to our destination since I was the only one who had been there before and had directions. It didn’t take long (although we were checked on the train, always an irritating process) and after a bit of confusion about entrances and the long hike up 5 floors, we got to Sorcha’s.

The place was jammed with people from all over. The mix of languages and accents washed over me along with the heat of 50 people in a space designed for much fewer. The scent of perfumes and colognes mixed with alcohol was almost visible, vibrating to the beat of the music played by the DJ in the living room. Actually I don’t know how many people were there over the course of the night, it may have been 100 for all I know, but certainly a lot.

Ross and I stuck our alcohol in the kitchen, and we all dropped our coats off in Sorcha’s room. It was so crowded I didn’t even see her at first, instead I almost immediately ran into Kerre, who had been there a while already. I talked to her for a little bit, and then wandered about the party (squeezing by people mainly as it was just too tight in the hallways to move freely). I saw Sorcha and said hello, then Kerre, wandering back our way, stopped by and I suggested we all do a shot of vodka. There weren’t any shot glasses available so I used the handy plastic cups but this made it difficult to judge how much I was pouring so I may have given them all a double or triple. We toasted Sorcha for her new internship and throwing the party, did the Scottish toast Fraser had taught us, took our shots and chased them with orange juice, Kerre made a face but Sorcha appeared entirely unaffected. I saw Cris briefly, but she was already heading out, apparently to work the next day, which was too bad, but it was nice to see her however limited the time was.

The rest of the night was a general good time, with drinking, talking, dancing and the combination of new people and old friends that makes a party worthwhile. My ambulation about the party led to some interesting and amusing chats and shows that I’ll try to summarize. I had a conversation with a German named Gina while she waited in line for the single toilet for half an hour (not uncommon for the girls at the party). Ross and I used the great outdoors, as most of the guys there did. I sat on the edge of a tub filled with water and beer talking to a German girl and Kerre while she practiced her German, and stood by a window looking out onto Munich’s night with Kristyn and another Au Pair (from Vancouver) named Brittany talked about the relative merits and faults of their Au Pair families. Tennr appeared at one point and insisted that nothing much happened between her and the guy on the couch the weekend before, which I suppose may be true.

Rachel and Ally, very far gone from wine and I don’t know what else, decided they were famished and were going to go to McDonald’s. I suspected they wouldn’t be back, but in a move of sheerest optimism and against my and Ally’s advice, Kerre gave them a little money for a fish filet (and that led to a 20-minute talk over how to pronounce filet, for the record, the English do it wrong). They left and never came back, which was unfortunate, but there’s always next time.

Some random (possibly German) girl insisted I take a picture with her before going out on the dance floor and dancing up a real storm. The dancing room was a lot of fun both to participate and watch. As always, the group I came with danced in an awe inspiring way. Ross at one point had a bit of a dance-off with Kerre but they were both so far gone that I couldn’t really judge a winner. Helen, of the “Toytown Girls” group (so-called by Fraser, Jamie and others) had trouble with my name but that may have been because she was distracted by Laura (of the same group) giving her a lap dance.

Sorcha, as the hostess, was kept rather busy, but not too busy to have a fun time as far as I could tell. Whether it was the ten-minute debate with Jamie over her sexual preference, the constant teasing of Ross for his Northern Irishness, or simply the time she tried to get through a corridor and was literally stopped in her tracks and bounced back to a more open space.

As for myself, I had some of my vodka and did my best to share it with others (not a problem to find others). I grew quite fond of the lemon bitters (as far as I could tell just carbonated lemonade) and found it a good mixer. I used it also for Kerre when she asked me for a gin and tonic and they had no tonic. Amusingly, her drink was perhaps three-quarters gin but she said it tasted a bit weak. It must be because she’s from Montana and chews juniper berries straight from the bush. We had a fun chat, especially when she showed me the giant hickey on her neck, a memento from Thursday with Fraser apparently. At some point, Klaus, Morgan, and Tennr left, almost taking Fraser with them (which would have made getting back into his place to sleep later tricky) but luckily he stayed and was soon back on the dance floor doing his signature finger move that somehow he makes cool. Not long after, Kristyn, who had not been feeling well all night, also made her goodbyes.

Though I personally didn’t witness it, the neighbors complained about the noise of the party so much that the police came. Though it seemed dodgy to me, they actually confiscated the DJ’s power cord and charged a 300 Euro fine to Sorcha and her roommates. Someone came by passing a hat (actually a Frisbee) and I tossed in a few Euro, though I had hardly been much of a contributor to the noise. The DJ actually had a backup cord so the music didn’t really even stop for very long.

Unsurprisingly by 3 in the morning there were plenty of people pairing off and kissing in the corridor. I wouldn’t have minded except it made it even harder to move. I did notice the people who lived there ensuring no unauthorized couples used the bedrooms, not that it would have been possible with so many people moving in and out of every room. Even the bathroom sometimes had 4 or more girls in it (the mechanics of which I really didn’t understand). There was even a time when I saw four couples in the hallway, lined up where the two couple kissing had couples arguing heatedly between them about some matter of the heart or other. It was like a stop-motion film of a relationship: kissing, fighting, making-up, and then fighting again. All it needed was a wedding photo or small child at the end to round it out. I did note Kerre and Fraser were one of the couples (and not one of the fighting ones). I raised my glass to them when Fraser glanced up and he laughed as I turned back to my wandering.

By 4 or so, the party was winding down a bit and the remains of the group I had come with was sitting in the kitchen (where I’m pretty sure I saw someone make off with the remains of the vodka, although there was so little left I didn’t care much). Jamie as was his wont, got into a conversation with Ashley (of Fasching face painting fame) over her situation that somehow allowed him to make a number of lewd, crude comments. Thanks to his magic hair and Scottish burr though (and probably helped by the fact neither were sober) she was not offended and acted as the straight man to his comments. Actually as far as I can tell, she’s close to unflappable, I’ve only seen her mildly upset once and even then she was calmer than many people at their most serene. As for me, I talked with Sorcha, Ross, and others but was feeling tired and ready to go.

And as if they had read my thoughts, the rest of the group started making their goodbyes, which in itself took a while with long hugs for almost everyone and drawn-out farewells.

Outside, Ross poured himself into a taxi and was away almost instantly, but Roel, Jamie, Fraser, Kerre, and I walked a bit down toward Fraser’s before deciding to take a cab ourselves. Well actually, Jamie, Fraser and I got in the cab but Roel wanted to walk home and Kerre, nice gal that she it, didn’t want him to go alone. The three of us in the cab soon got back to Fraser’s where I pulled out the couch and said goodnight to the two Scots. However, it was not that simple since after leaving Roel at the train, Kerre had trouble finding Fraser’s. A lot of trouble. Two hours of trouble and she still had to take a cab and have me let her in. By now it was after 5 so after showing her to the mini-couch where I had slept (and which fit her better than it had me) I dropped off to sleep until a bit after 10.

Kerre and I had told Jessica we would go to her goodbye lunch (yet again to Killian’s), so we left a little after 11, after an amusing incident with Kerre, thinking Fraser and Jamie were up, went into his room and may have seen more than she wanted of Jamie.

We had until 1, so we got coffee at Starbuck’s next door and walked around the streets. It was still nice out although not as nice as the day before. We headed over to Killian’s and got a big table as Jessica, her boyfriend, Brooke, and several others I didn’t know joined us. I had never had food at Killian’s and it was about what I expected, alright but not great. I did have fun talking to everyone, there was a funny English guy named Greg there who told us about his learning that ham is not its own animal and horses do not have wooden hooves. I don’t know if I bought it but it was funny. I made a joke about having shots, but was immediately taken up on it, so Kerre, Jessica, her boyfriend and I all did a shot of tequila, not the best plan perhaps, but Kerre said it helped her hangover. We also watched the soccer game between Scotland’s Rangers and Celtics, apparently a bitter rivalry and the cause of not a few violent incidents in Glasgow according to Fraser. Afterward, we all went back to the train station where I said goodbye because I just couldn’t be out any longer. I took my train back to Garching, showered and changed and relaxed all night, which was nice.

Yesterday at work I typed over 10,000 words in transcribing a speech about the elements and am now trying to turn it into a magazine article among other tasks. I sense things are starting to change, but I’m hopeful it’s for the better or at least not for the worse. And I have plans to go to Vienna for the weekend after this. Onward!

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  1. Kerre
    March 2, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    Oh no, I found a discrepancy in one of the nationalities! The girl that I was talking to in the bathroom (or beer room as its purpose was that night) was actually not Australian, but German- from Dresden to be specific.

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