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Moving Day Reflection

Today, Roberto and I will be moving from our apartment of the last 2 months and into another nearby. In two weeks we will move again to what will (if all goes well) be our final apartment for our stay here. Though I am not enjoying the cramming everything back into bags experience, the new apartments do seem much nicer than the one we are in right now so I’m not too fussed over it. That’s pretty much true for most things in my life that are annoying and difficult at the time, they always are worth it in the end, despite the frustrations of the moment. I do my best to keep that attitude in mind, considering how many frustrations there can sometimes be. Transcribing that talk comes to mind, as does some of the antics circa two in the morning on the weekends. My lack of computer doesn’t help the situation either, but at least I’ve read some interesting new books (about the only leisure activity left to me when I’m tired and don’t feel up to going out).

This evening’s Toytown event will be at Clubhouse, which is also where my first Toytown event was six weeks ago. Time is really flying by, as my internship is now approximately a third done with. And while not all my goals for this point have been reached, I did get to many of them, and even accomplish things I didn’t think of before I arrived. Now I look forward to moving, a fun night out (albeit missing some people who are otherwise engaged) and nice weekend to come.

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