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New Apartment, New Pals, Old Venue

Yesterday was a long, if enjoyable day. Roberto and I had gone to work early the past couple of days so we could leave early yesterday and move. We left around 4, and after two trips of hauling our stuff, had officially moved into our new place. We settled in, unpacking, making the beds and so on. I ate a quick dinner and hopped in the shower (which needs to be fixed because it’s really annoying to have to hold the shower head over my head with my hand the whole time) changed, and headed off to the train to go to Toytown. The only downside of our new place is that I’ve grown used to the 20-second trip from our door to the train and now have a little over a five-minute walk, not a lot, but it seems endless after the last place. Entirely coincidentally, I saw Claudia on my train and we had a nice conversation about traveling, possible jobs, and the apartments she is looking at. For some reason near the arena the train slowed to a crawl for a while, some sort of technical problem apparently but it was very annoying.

I said goodbye to Claudia and disembarked at Marienplatz. Fancying a walk in the chill, but not bitterly cold night air, I elected not to take the S-Bahn directly to the bar, and instead walked the slightly over half a kilometer to the Clubhouse Bar. In case you don’t recall, Clubhouse was where my first Toytown event was, six weeks prior. Unlike that time (and probably because it was earlier than the last time I arrived) the bar was not too crowded, indeed it was almost empty. The only person I recognized when I arrived was Greg, the hilarious English guy whom I had met at Jess’s lunch on Sunday. He was standing with a girl named Noka (short for Veronica), a girl from Chicago whom I had also met briefly on Sunday. I got a beer (and free awful strawberry shot) at the bar and said hello. They shared some interesting stories from their early days in Toytown a couple of years previously, apparently there were just as many crazy people then as there are now, and we talked about upcoming Internations events (a group similar to Toytown that Noka works for).

Not too long after, Sorcha arrived, pleased to actually be able to get into the bar this week. I provided her with the standard beer and shot (seriously, those strawberry things were awful, no wonder they had to give them away) and introduced her to Greg, with whom she rapidly bonded over what I can only assume were British Isles subjects as their accents (hers from Dublin, his from Yorkshire) rapidly thickened to the point of incomprehensibility. Kerre also arrived around this time, and the place was starting to get a bit livelier, which was pleasing. Roel came in, telling us that he was to apologize for Jamie not coming and “being a girl” about the whole thing, which was fair enough. Next of the people I know to arrive were Fraser, Mauritz, Morgan, and Barbara (who arrived separately). It was nice to see Morgan at her first Toytown event, though I don’t know how much she was enjoying it at that point, and of course it’s always fun to see Mauritz. After so long an absence and strictly online conversations, it was almost disorienting talking to Barbara in person again, but very nice. We discussed in more detail some of the things we had only talked about online, which was enlightening and amusing, as talking to Barbara usually is. Kerre came over to say hi (no scarf this time) and we discussed the unfortunate but necessary cost of the trip to Vienna and some of the places we might go with an Australian friend of hers who had lived there for a year. Ross called me around then, apparently he had gotten lost and wandered around a bit looking for the place, but eventually he made his way over showing off his new haircut (courtesy of Roberto on Wednesday) and everyone settled in for a good night. I was a bit more of a nomad than usual myself. Normally I tend to park myself in one spot with a group and just stay there but as there were scattered groups of people I wanted to talk to I circulated, made easier than the last time I was at Clubhouse by the less than crushing density of the crowd.

I tried to convince Kerre to ask Noka if she was pregnant based on the fact that Noka was drinking water and not beer (having given up alcohol for Lent) but I couldn’t keep a straight face and convince her. I talked to Morgan about her ski trip of a few days before and the possibility that she might stay in Germany for a whole year (a possibility of which I am jealous). Sorcha lectured me on Ross not really being Irish (a subject she frequently returns to) and Fraser regaled me with his favorite moments of Sunday’s soccer game. Somehow I ended up back in the corner of the bar with Greg and Noka, as they told me a fascinating and bizarre story of a girl who apparently dates a guy nicknamed Narwhal (the one-horned porpoise) and takes exceedingly inappropriate engagement pictures. Noka told me about her good times at the University of Illinois and beyond (4) and her plans to go to London with her boyfriend of four years for whom she was once deported from Germany, which was a strange story.

By this point it was getting late. Kerre had come over to say goodbye about an hour earlier, but was for some reason still in the bar (not surprising knowing her). The group pretty much decided to leave at that point, catching the train from Isartor to Marienplatz where Sorcha, Ross, and I said goodbye to Morgan and Fraser, though not before Ross made several crude comments to Morgan, which hardly seemed to bother her, as she blew him a kiss goodbye (must be the accent).

Ross and Sorcha were nice enough to wait with me on the platform since my train was a coming a few minutes later than the ones they could take as well. It basically came to them making biting comments to each other, Ross wanting to punch Sorcha but not because he was concerned what the people around us might think happened, and just general amusement from them. Sorcha caught her train and a few minutes later Ross and I got on ours, where we discussed the night, and I tried not to think about the long ride alone to Garching. In the end the ride wasn’t too bad although it was rather chilly walking back to the apartment, especially again compared to the previous place I’d been living.

I awoke feeling rather tired, but I am still very much looking forward to the weekend staring tonight with Starkbierfest (strong beer with extra alcohol and bits of stuff in the beer) and continuing with the usual Saturday night mayhem tomorrow. It’s been two months, and things are only going to get better, as I’m sure the weekend will confirm.

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