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Pasta, Cake, and Karaoke

Part of the fun I am having in Germany comes from how random and unplanned things can be, whether it’s strange trips or even just, like yesterday, an unplanned but thoroughly enjoyable night out.

Annabelle, a girl I had met a couple of times at Jaeger’s invited me to come out for her planned dinner and karaoke night. I certainly didn’t have anything better to do on a Tuesday, so agreed, stopping by my apartment after work for just long enough to drop my stuff off before heading into town. As a nice change, I didn’t have to ride all the way into the center of town, only to Munchner Freiheit. After a little confusion on directions, I walked to the restaurant, Pasta e Basta, serendipitously right on the heels of Annabelle, who was with her boyfriend Dennis and another couple of girls, and just seconds before Ashley arrived (alas sans rock star makeup), We went to the reserved tables and ordered and ate while others trickled in, most of whom I didn’t know except for Steve (also without his awesome makeup). The beer wasn’t great but the pasta was tasty (and spicy).

The conversation was quite good as well. Although I’ve met many people in Toytown, the group I actually spend much time with isn’t very large so it was a glimpse into a whole other world of people I only had a passing acquaintance with. That’s what made the stories about cheating girlfriends, bathroom hook ups and malicious rumor mongering even more engaging. Frankly I wondered how anyone gets any work done, or any sleep, considering the sheer amount of time and effort these experiences must involve.

Dinner concluded with a homemade chocolate cake (with cherries in it and a sparkler on top), and then waiting a long time for the waiter to bring the bill (service wasn’t particularly good there, but I think it’s a German thing since they’re not motivated by tips like American waiters). After paying we all headed off to Shamrock’s for Karaoke Night. It was very chilly out, so everyone except Steve and I decided to take the U-Bahn the one stop down to the bar, instead of walking the three blocks or so. I was actaully enjoying the night air, so Steve and I walked to Shamrock’s.

When we arrived, I saw rather more faces I knew, including Sorcha, Karen, Kristyn, Lydia, and even Roisin, whom I hadn’t seen in quite a while (it was also nice to finally get her name fixed in my head since before all I could remember was that it started with R and was a very Irish name). Sorcha kindly bought me a beer, and somehow managed to misplace her own not once but twice in the space of ten minutes.

I spoke for a little while with Kristyn, catching up since we hadn’t talked at all on Saturday, and heard about her own Starkbierfest adventures. Roisin regaled me with her own tales of life in Munich, unfortunately it seems she is leaving at the end of the month, the same time as her countryman Ross. Things will be much less Irish with them gone.

The karaoke was funny, as karaoke always is, between hearing Country Roads yet again (this time with an upbeat techno rhythm) and the atrocious choice in singalong music that most Germans have i.e Coldplay and Evanescence. Annabelle’s performance of Ice, Ice, Baby was hilarious though, and singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody is never dull.

All too soon it was once again time to go. I walked to the train with Sorcha and Karen, discussing some possibilities for the upcoming weekend, then rode back to Garching. Sometimes it seems I’ve spent half my time here on that train.

I’m working hard on several projects and have had some things published, including the video whose script I wrote. Now to plan more trips (maybe Spain?).

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