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Strongbow Cider and Irish Banter

I’ve eaten out at restaurants a lot this week, including Wednesday, when Ross, Roberto, and I went to the Indian place in Garching. The food there is pretty good and it was nice to have a quieter evening since I’ve gone out more than I normally do this week. Unfortunately Thursday brought yet more snow to town, apparently winter isn’t yet done with Munich. I can only hope it melts in the not too distant future as I am thoroughly ready for some Spring weather.

As it is Claudia’s last week, she brought cake to the meeting yesterday, which was very nice of her. It’s sad she is leaving as she has been such a big help to me at ESO, teaching me all the minutia of how things run, and generally helping me out when I needed it. But I look forward to her goodbye dinner tonight, bittersweet as it is.

After work I was bored in my apartment so I decided to head in to Toytown a little earlier than I might otherwise, figuring I would see people I know even if most people didn’t show up until later. This week the event was at Die Bank again, (bringing back fond memories of the last two times I was there) yet I still managed to get confused for a bit on how to get there from the train because Sendlinger Tor is such a confusing intersection, to me at least. I turned out to be wrong about people I knew being there when I walked in, so I sat at the bar and took in the scene while drinking a Strongbow cider (I wasn’t in the mood for beer right then after Starkbierfest the previous weekend). Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long as Fraser and Jamie walked in, quickly followed by Barbara and then Ross. We had our usual style of chat, Jamie making fun of Barbara not hearing him over the sound of the bar, recollections of Saturday night and the morning after, and then decided that we were in an awkward place by the bar, constantly being pushed past, so we moved to a spot closer to the door, coincidentally right about the same time Sorcha came in.

Ross bought a round (somehow getting the bartender confused between diet cola and three colas) and again we just talked. That’s mainly what happens at these things of course, they’re much more fun to experience than to read or hear about after since the talk is usually of no real consequence.

I happened to see Roisin in the coat room (drinking wine of course) and brought her over to the group, most of whom she knew at least casually. She and Ross got to talking about Belfast and it turned out they had lived just a couple of blocks from each other, and even knew a lot of the same people, proving once again how small a world it can be. Her accent didn’t change but I’m pretty sure Ross’ got thicker while they talked about Eire. Roel showed up, apparently he had a crazy Saturday of his own which was why he hadn’t met up with us.

Die Bank was pretty busy by then, which may be why Fraser didn’t spot Mauritz until Mauritz kissed/bit him on the neck, rather startling him, and Sorcha as well. Mauritz had arrived with an entourage of Morgan, Eva, and Jonas after spending time at Starkbierfest. Morgan and Eva were in drindl’s and with her pigtails, Eva looked remarkably like pictures of Heidi (although she didn’t know who Heidi was). It was nice to see Eva since it had been a while since we had spoken, and in a similar vein of the small world theme, talked to Morgan about the surprising coincidence that Ellen (the new Au Pair I had met on Friday) was in the same German class as she and Eva. As is his custom, Mauritz bought shots for everyone, though I wasn’t really in the mood, still enjoying the refreshing change of Strongbow. It was around this point that I looked up and Roisin had gone, confusing, but I took it in stride since the night was winding down anyway. Somehow there were a lot of new people around us but I didn’t really get past the hello stage with any of them.

I caught ahold of Ross and he agreed it was about time to head out. Sorcha came with us and I had a bit of deja vu from the previous Thursday. Worth mentioning is that during their non-stop friendly bickering, Sorcha made a comment about Ross having bad taste and his brilliant off-the-cuff response, “evidently.” Being such nice friends they waited with me for my train, despite Sorcha’s complaint that the Garching train always comes after four other trains she could take. As silly as their conversation can be, I find their company endlessly amusing. It makes me wonder what visiting Ireland will be like.

I had trouble sleeping when I got home, and trouble getting up this morning, but it’s Friday and that’s definitely a good thing. Tomorrow I go to Nymphenburg with Ally and I can’t wait for Vienna next week. Weekend ho!

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