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A Quiet Week of Classic Rock and Ping-Pong

With Claudia gone, I’ve been having to take up slack of her work, which isn’t always very enjoyable, since it often consists of tedious checks on various websites for updates and clippings to save. Nonetheless I am getting more writing work at the same time so I’m reasonably content.

This week I took it easy, partly because of stress and partly to save up my energy for the weekend. Even so I went out on both Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday I met with Chan and her sister Marie at Killian’s where we listened to two guys play a variety of classic American rock and folk songs. They were pretty good, and one of the singers had this strange ruffled shirt that definitely added to the experience. Marie wanted to stay but Chan was feeling antsy so she and I headed over to Shamrock’s for their karaoke night. It was a good time for me, talking to Roisin (who said she would just me, Kerre, and Ally for Vienna), Annabelle, Kristyn, Katherine and all the others. Wednesday was very quiet and I fell asleep early, waking only when Ross called me asking for directions to Shamrock’s (apparently he’d been trying to find it for nearly an hour). Thursday morning, both he and Colleen came in late and regaled me with stories of their evening out involving beer hall owners, champagne, and a bleary-eyed fatigue they couldn’t really hide. I left work a little early so that I could have time for Roberto to give me a haircut. He did an excellent job and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out (and with not having to pay 12 Euro for it). I headed off for the usual Toytown event, this time somewhere called Marie Antoine House Bar (or MAH Bar).

The place is apparently a hostel or apartment building and the bar was correspondingly small and limited. What made it worthwhile was the large game room next door, with foosball and ping-pong. Kerre and Brooke challenged me to a game and even though it was two on one, I beat them handily. As always, many of the women there were Au Pairs, and it turns out five of them were Finnish. I got to know some of them a little bit, and learned about Finland, which was very interesting to me seeing as how most of my knowledge of that country comes from the Monty Python song. There were surprisingly few people I knew there that night, although I did catch up with Roel and Barbara for a while. I was already yawning and thinking about getting up early to pack the next day by 11:30, so I took my leave and headed home.

Today I’m finishing up my work for the week and cutting out early, around 1 to go to the train station and get started on my awesome Viennese weekend. Expect a lot of writing (and a lot of pictures) come Monday and Tuesday.

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