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Wine and Sing

With Claudia gone, I find I have to work a lot more, but unfortunately not always on things I would like. There’s a new guy starting next week (coincidentally named Simon, although I believe he is French) and I look forward to being able to share some of the load again. I’ve been doing a lot of Photos of the Week captions (like this one), which isn’t too bad, but I’m more excited about the longer releases I am writing right now, and the ones I worked on earlier that are finally coming out soon. I took a much-needed relaxing night for myself on Monday, but yesterday went into town for the weekly karaoke night at Shamrock’s.

When I arrived, Gemma and Rolly had just pulled up on bikes, apparently it had taken them an hour, impressive, especially when Gemma pulled out a nearly finished bottle of red wine from her bag and said she’d started drinking it when they had left. We went in together and I saw Adam, an English guy I had met once or twice, and said hello, but other than that, there were not a lot of people I recognized in the bar. Gemma was kind enough to buy me a drink and I settled near my usual spot and watched the band that had been playing pack up their stuff. Luckily I didn’t have long to wait for more people I knew to arrive. Ross showed up, earlier than I had expected him, apparently boredom drove him from his apartment. We got stools and sat down but no sooner had we begun to talk that I saw Anni, the Laplander, and some of her Finnish friends stroll in. We said hello (as usual I got confused over the hugging versus European double-kiss issue) and they wandered off to get drinks. Ross and I chatted about his excitement over his last week, then Sorcha came in to the bar and joined us, telling amusing stories about their weekend out (apparently it involved lots of vodka and Red Bull). The bar was quite crowded as the karaoke began, the usual mix of good and bad song choices (and good and bad singers) filling the air. Kristyn came into the bar, looked surprised to see Ross, but soon joined us to catch up on what had been going on in our respective lives.

Roisin wandered into the bar, and it was nice to see her although the rest of our Vienna group couldn’t come unfortunately (Ally working early the next day and Kerre dealing with an emergency at her place). I got a white wine for her and a red wine for Gemma (who at this point was actually started to resemble a bottle of red wine) and had a nice time. I especially enjoyed the deep red Kristyn turned when the story of how, when drunk,  she thought Roisin was a lesbian she had once known, and Gemma rapping to “Baby Got Back” in a loud, clear voice. By 11:30 I was feeling ready to go. I made my goodbyes, squeezing through the crowd when necessary, and waiting politely for the right moment when that was required, so that my goodbyes themselves took another 15 minutes.  Eventually finished, I ambled over to the train, went home and fell quickly asleep. I’m keeping quite busy at work but I still hope to go out maybe tonight and definitely tomorrow for the last Toytown Ross will have, and then his goodbye weekend (or as Sorcha put it, the celebration of him leaving).

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