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Where Have All the Irish Gone?

Ross is gone and work is duller for it. To top it off, Roisin left today as well. I’m running low on Irish friends though for some reason I’m meeting more English people these days. At least I still have the Irish pubs (limited authenticity and all) like Shamrock’s where I went as usual last night and among other things said goodbye to Roisin.

When I got to the pub, I saw that instead of the normal karaoke night, they were instead going to be showing the Manchester United versus Bayern Munich soccer game first. I didn’t mind though I shouldn’t have been surprised as the game was a really big deal. Bayern ended up winning, something the Germans in the bar were thrilled about and the British less so. Inside I said hello to Michael, Lydia and Adam, who were all very much enamored of the game, and got myself a Strongbow.

At one table I recognized a group of Finnish girls but didn’t know any of them well enough to say hello, so I just watched the game for while. Happily, it wasn’t long before Roisin came in, though it was a tad bittersweet as it’s the last time I’ll see her for at least a while. We chatted about her upcoming plans to go to a wedding and avoid a bouquet and reminisced a bit about Vienna. The place began to fill up more as the game went on. I saw Ashley and Cris come in, but didn’t get a chance to say hello because they were only there for about ten minutes or so. Anni walked in and we talked for a while about her own leaving in a month and her upcoming trip to Vienna. I gave her a couple of tips from my trip, but Vienna’s a pretty easy city to have fun in so she may not need them.

Kristyn joined us at the bar. She and Roisin and I had a very amusing chat about her various antics over the last three months. She said she has been finding the blog a little dull of late and I explained how, for the sake of  not annoying people, I haven’t been putting up the stories and pictures that are more interesting but also more upsetting to the people in them. She encouraged me to put the teeth back in the blog and write about everything I actually see and hear (barring things told to me in confidence of course) . Even when I asked her about how she would feel if I put up the embarrassing things about her (and there are a lot of them, almost more than anyone else) she was adamant that I should do so. I’m still unsure. Thoughts from you readers? Input would be welcome on this subject. Blog advice aside, it was nice to have a talk with her as she can be bit hard to pin down for a conversation sometimes.

Kerre arrived and I got pictures of the Vienna crew (minus Ally) which made me happy. Roisin and I went to the karaoke area after it started up to sing along to “Save Tonight” a song that was almost eerily apropos for her that evening with both her leaving and her wine glass in hand. Karen showed up, happy about the soccer game but very annoyed that her phone required a pin number for her to access it and she didn’t have the number anymore. I think she got it sorted in the end though. As always, time went by too fast, and after one last hug with Roisin, I went home. Today should be quiet and tomorrow is Nuremberg and my four-day weekend so I can look forward to that, and all your opinions on the direction of the blog.  Happy Passover and a good Easter to everyone!

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