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All Around Town: Jaeger’s Beach 38, M-Park and More

Work has been really stressful this past week. My boss has me doing this stupid project uploading images to Wikipedia and then putting them in appropriate categories. This is not what I as a writer should be doing with my time. I could complain to human resources as one colleague recommended, but I think I will just tough it out and use it as leverage to get better assignments later, by which I mean more writing. On the plus side, some of my work has been released online. It can be seen here, here, and here.

On Tuesday after work instead of going to Shamrock’s as I usually do I went once again to Jaeger’s. Cris invited me, saying that there would be karaoke. There wasn’t but I had a good time anyway. I hung out with Annabelle (heroically drinking despite her sickness) and talked briefly with Cris who was rather busy working. There was a soccer game on and people watching but frankly it bored me. I stayed a while anyway, leaving a little before midnight and waking early for work so I would be able to leave early if I wanted at some point.

Wednesday I took it easy, just relaxing at home after work. Thursday was Toytown, this week at Beach 38. On my way there I ran into Brooke and her friend Jacki who used to live in Munich. They had somehow found a Rewe banner and were taking pictures with it, which was admittedly pretty funny. We headed over to the bar, which turned out be pretty much exactly what it said: a warehouse full of sand and beach implements, even a full beach volleyball court on a lower level. It was a very German approach to wanting a beach, but effective and a fun place I think. I met some cool new people including a Slovakian named Jana and Casey, a North Carolinian (like Ellen) from Winston-Salem and yes she smokes of course. While I was chatting with Casey I felt a hand run through my hair and turned, unsurprised to see it was Jamie, with Fraser next to him. They had both gone back to Glasgow over the long weekend so it was good to catch up with them. I find it amusing that despite their staunch “anti-social at Toytown” stance, they still meet new people all the time there (though admittedly generally through those they already know like me, or Barbara or someone else). We sat down in the low, comfortable beach chairs set in the sand and before too long were joined by Barbara. Others arrived piecemeal throughout the evening. Kerre came, her usual tart and smiling self. Others I recognized but don’t know well like Lydia, Fred, and Michael (with whom I had a lively discussion about the highlights of Austria) also circulated. It was a lively night. I saw Roel, and Kristyn and Katherine showed up later too, but I didn’t get a chance to say much more than hello to them. Despite the short week, I was feeling rather tired and left at half-past eleven, earlier than I normally do.

Friday was rough at work between frustrating writing and the inane projects. Luckily the day ended reasonably well and I got my work done then headed home for an early night, though I did somehow stay up until two in the morning reading. I don’t care what people may think of me, Tamora Pierce is a great writer, especially her recent stuff, just really riveting.

Saturday I was originally supposed to go to the Ludwig castles with Ally, but she was keeping out of the sun on doctor’s orders so instead I went to the Isar River on invitation from Kerre for a sort of ad hoc picnic and get-together. I got there around one in the afternoon and walked across the bridge over the river near the zoo and down the slope to the rocks by the bank of the water. When I arrived, only Kerre and Andreas were there, drinking beer and praying that the weather, already getting chilly, wouldn’t get any worse. I was only there a few minutes before others showed up. We moved to slightly better spot by the river so the group would have more space. Prashant, Becky, and Fred were there, along with Charne, South African girl I had heard a lot about but never met, and Jessica, an American whom Facebook had been trying to get me to befriend for weeks, a happy coincidence meeting both of them. Unfortunately the weather only got colder, leading many to shiver despite their attempts to counter the chill with beer.

Our chatting ranged from playing Prashant and Becky’s ukuleles (hers was pink) to teasing Charne for her accent, which had funny effects on words like bulls and bowls. Fred had brought a bunch of German whip cream cookies coated in chocolate called Dickman’s and coincidentally as Charne was telling Kerre and I about her lack of peripheral vision, smashed one into her face, with hilarious consequences. When we were leaving and there were more of them left over, it was perhaps inevitable that they would get mashed over other people’s faces as well, including Fred, Kerre and me. Many of the others were talking about going swimming that evening but I wasn’t interested in doing so that night, so around five when we left I made my own farewells and went home (getting on shut-down trains twice by accident, very annoying).

After dinner and a shower, I got ready and went back out to Fraser’s as per usual on Saturday, arriving at the apartment a little after nine. Fraser and Sven were just finishing up playing video games when I came in. They ordered pizza for themselves while I settled in. Barbara arrived soon after (she always seems to be the next arrival after me), and showed me funny pictures of her and Charne and others from when they went to Kultfabrik on Thursday after Toytown. Ally came next, carrying a mixed bottle of gin and lemon that she proceeded to get started on. Mauritz awoke from a nap and started getting ready, as others arrived, including Klaus and Jamie. Jamie asked for my help when he came in to guide Casey to the apartment since he was originally supposed to meet her at Marienplatz but decided not to wait so I called Casey and managed to direct her to the apartment (after some missteps in the wrong building). Much like Ally she had brought a pre-mixed cocktail in a bottle (rum and coke in her case). I noted that all three girls there were both non-German and not Au Pairs, an unusual occurrence in my experience.

As we were sitting around, the door opened and brought with it a whirlwind of blonde. Morgan, Eva, Sara (the Swedish girl from the other week), the Danish girls Tenna and Fia, and some German girl I didn’t actually get introduced to all came in together. Except for Ally, all the girls were blonde in the apartment, another small detail that for the usual inexplicable reasons I found funny.

Sven left to go hang out with some other friends of his, which was the signal for everyone else to slowly begin the process of heading out, making it out the door shortly after midnight. After a quick stop at the bank for those who needed it, we split ourselves up to get into cabs. Fraser, Ally, Fia and I got into one. Fraser impressed and surprised me by breaking into fluent German to direct our driver (I didn’t know he knew much of the language) and off we went. Along the way the radio played some music that everyone felt compelled to sing along to. Ally half-jokingly suggested we stay in the “Disco Taxi” all night, but luckily was happy enough to get out when we arrived.

Once everyone had arrived, we made our way up to the club, which was on the third level of an enormous building. They had a cool system where in addition to the seven Euro entrance fee, you could pay fifteen and get fifteen Euros in drinks or pay thirty and get sixty in drinks. I paid fifteen, not planning on drinking sixty Euros worth even at the inevitably inflated prices at a club, but others were willing to go all out. No sooner had we walked in then we ran into people we knew, there in their own group, such as Kristyn and Steve. Fraser had waited outside for Sorcha to arrive and after we all dropped our coats off, we went to one of the music rooms (there were a few, with different styles of music playing) for drinks. It wasn’t the main room but we figured the bar line would be shorter which it was indeed. We moved into the main dance room, where the music was painfully loud but the crowd was a good size and headed to the dance floor. There were raised platforms around where those who liked to dance and show off could do so. One thing about European clubs, a lot more guys like to go on the platforms than in their American counterparts. Unfortunately, German guys at least are terrible dancers usually. I’m not a great dancer but even so some of them were painful to watch.

Dancing with the group was fun as always. Casey proved she could keep up fine with Fraser’s patented hand gestures, Ally’s robot skills, Jamie’s “pretending to have a stroke” style (his description of his dancing). The room was crowded enough that our large group continually broke into smaller groups, changing and reforming as people moved into different circles or sometimes danced alone or in pairs.  One memorable moment was making a circle and forcing Mauritz and Fraser to do a dance in the middle. After initial help from Ally I was able to order drinks when necessary in German (important because the music was so loud and the bartenders had trouble with English) though I kept it simple, no complex drinks. Most of us got pretty drunk out. Even Mauritz didn’t complain that I was too sober this time around.

Though the club was quite nice in many respects I couldn’t quite get over the bathroom. Rather than traditional urinals, or even the trough seen at some sports stadiums and other places, there was a room set with tile and a metal grate about a foot above the floor that people would walk on, using the sides of the room for their business. Not the best experience, especially considering the drunken state of many of the people using it.

People started to trickle out although I didn’t see many of them go. I looked up and Ally and most of the others had vanished or so it seemed. Fraser, Jamie, Barbara, Sorcha and I left around five in the morning. Barbara and I took a cab to Marienplatz to catch our respective transportations home. In the cab I got a call from Casey who apparently had not left the club as we had thought, and was understandably annoyed but gracious about it thankfully.

I got home around six and went right to bed but only slept for a couple of hours due to feeling unwell. I spent the day relaxing in the apartment and a little bit out in the sunshine outside. Today I had no little trouble making it to work but managed somehow and now look forward to ideally getting good writing done and having fun at night.

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