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How Strange a Laugh, How Long a Sigh

Work has become increasingly frustrating, but Toytown was fun this week.

On Thursday Roberto and I were driven from work a little early to see our new place. While it is not too far away from where we are now and has a very modern feel, it’s not perfect as we are back to the small couch beds and sans a balcony or veranda. After quickly unpacking and showering I headed off to Toytown, once again at Café Am Hochhaus near Sendlinger Tor. I was rather pleased that this time I didn’t get lost along the way and in short order headed in. I saw Sara and Ellodie (with what turned out to be a chinchilla in a pouch around her neck) but no one else I really knew. Getting a beer from the bar, I turned and saw Molly, the lacrosse coach I had met a few weeks earlier come in. I chatted with her and met Annika, one of her players and Annika’s boyfriend, chatting with them for a bit before, Charne and Fred came in together and joined us. I heard about the swimming they had done after the Isar.

I went outside with them while they smoked as I didn’t want to stand alone, and Ellodie (with he chinchilla) joined us. I really liked the pet although I still couldn’t believe she brought it to a bar (apparently it’s a real party animal).

While we were out there, Fraser and Jamie came along, followed not long after by Sara, accompanied by a couple of really tall (like six and half feet) guys, one of whom, a Welsh fellow, coincidentally knows and goes to school with Sorcha, small world indeed. We soon went inside and I had fun at the bar chatting with Fraser and Jamie (soon joined by Roel) and all of us trying to convince Sara to come on Saturday. Jamie horrified us all with stories of the mumps (apparently no vaccines in Scotland?) and I did my increasingly normal work of translator of the Scottish accent for Charne and Sara, whose South African and Swedish understanding of English apparently made understanding sometimes difficult.

I was close to leaving when Kerre and Andreas came in, apparently having come from pregaming, so I stayed a little later to chat with them but ultimately got anxious over catching the last train and made my farewells, while Kerre and Charne planned an excursion to Kultfabrik (though later I learned they didn’t leave, lazy partiers alas). When I started to walk away, Molly caught up with me, heading to the train to, though in the other direction. We waited together until my train arrived; talking about lacrosse and how she thinks Annika is the best player and “perfect person.” When my train came I went home to my new place, not even getting lost and today got up for work, eager for the weekend and the party tomorrow.

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