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In the Cage: Part Zwei

It’s kind of flattering to see that I had so many visitors on the blog yesterday even though I of course hadn’t posted anything about the weekend yet. It can be rather daunting to try to capture such a crowded time period, but as with all my writing, I can only do my best. Of course I don’t know how many of those readers (and the readers right now) are merely searching for their name, reading whatever I write about them, and immediately leaving, missing out on the rest. Ah well, that’s the way it goes for writings like these.

After work on Friday I was far too tired to go out, so I ended up just staying in, watching Seinfeld and reading. Not the most exciting night ever, but relaxing certainly. For once I was able to sleep in, not waking up until noon, and spent the afternoon wandering around in the gorgeous, sunny weather and otherwise taking in the day. As the sun began to set, I showered and got myself ready to go out to the oh so classily named “Rape Cage II,” the sequel to the one held in February that was the source of so much craziness, and also the birthday party for Mauritz, Sven, and Sorcha. Mauritz and Sorcha’s birthday was actually that day, and they coincidentally shared the day of their birth with several others I know.

I arrived at the apartment a little after 8:30 and had to take a moment to appreciate the incredible scene before me, even early on and without many people there yet. As before, plastic tarp covered the floor, taped down to hold it there in anticipation of the inevitable spills and mess attendant upon any party, especially one with as many people (perhaps as many as 50 or 70) as this one expected. The sign on the door with the name of the party went well with the black lights set strategically about the room (with all normal lights off or disabled for the duration) lit up the walls painted at the last party in ultraviolet paint otherwise invisible, and a similar paint pen hung from an as yet untouched wall, ready to be marked as a monument to whatever would happen tonight. On the floor, painted directly on the tarp, I (heart) RC was painted in vivid colors, crafted by Jamie, with help from Eva, the night before. In the kitchen, among the staggering amount of beer and other beverages, a variety of cakes and cupcakes sat on the counter, many with charming messages like “Sven is old” and “Rape me.” All told, the place was ready for anything the night might throw at it, with the lessons from the last party combined with the general thoroughness of preparation I’ve come to expect from these fellows.

At first, I didn’t see many people at all, and even fewer that I knew. I said hello and happy birthday to Mauritz (whose room was once again the smoking haven for the party) and made my greetings to Alanna, Barbara (who had brought Colin to my surprise), and a few others whom I did not know previously. Barbara was regaling me with hilarious stories of her previous night at Fruhlingsfest (the spring beer festival in Munich) when a hand clapped on my shoulder brought the arrival of Chun to my attention. It was nice to catch up with him as he tends to be only rarely and briefly seen. He was only staying for one beer he said, and stayed true to that conviction despite my and others best attempts to persuade him to stay. Some of those attempts came from Fraser and Jamie who arrived not long after. Fraser’s family is in town and was stranded in Munich due to the Icelandic volcano ash. Rather than subject them to the evening’s festivities, he had put them up at Jamie’s apartment for the night, and just come from settling them in there. Jamie insisted (many times over the night) that we admire his painting on the floor, and thus did the party in my mind really begin.

Eva, Morgan, the Danish girls, Roel, Kristyn, Davina (plus her friend the unsmiling one and others from her school) arrived, along with several dozen more people I didn’t know and the party began to pick up in volume and tempo. A couple of guys started setting up a DJ station outside of Fraser’s room while we started to drink more in earnest. Barbara, Fraser and Jamie had clubbed together to get Mauritz and Sven a river rafting trip (courtesy of Barbara’s place of employment MyDays) and presented it to them, a very nice gesture. With more people, Sven did his usual turning his room into a secondary, more intense dance area, with a strobe light (that burned out many a retina that night) and different music accompanying a strange, hypnotic music video projected on the wall reminiscent of an underground nightclub.

While I didn’t know many of the people there, I took it as an opportunity to meet more Germans. Two of Mauritz’s friends were there, Claudia and her best friend Judith. Claudia studies biology in Munich (and talked about having to feed fish as part of her studies), while Judith is an acting student in Vienna, which was particularly interesting as I had never even thought about the theater in Europe at the student level, common as it is in colleges in America, where every one of them wants to be the next big Hollywood or Broadway sensation. I left them after a time when they started having “girl talk” in German in the smoking room, apparently needing to catch up on a long absence from each other, and went to chat with Jamie and Kristyn for a while, Jamie his usual blunt, if hilarious self. Barbara went outside then to get Charne, who came in after having been partying beforehand and on the phone with her boyfriend Fred (who arrived a little later), walking in such a way as to provoke one guy I was standing near to ask if it was some sort of dance move. She and Fred didn’t stay long, leaving after an hour or so. It is funny to me though how after only meeting a week ago, they now seem to be everywhere I am, part of the whole many mutual friends phenomenon I suppose.

Around midnight, Sorcha, Karen, Ally and Katherine arrived after doing a surprise dinner for Sorcha’s birthday. Ally brought her mixed drink as usual, and planned on getting very drunk because her boyfriend, who was supposed to be in Munich for the weekend, had like so many others been unable to fly, and she said she wanted to drown her sorrows, and followed through quite well in her quest. Alas, as I learned later, it did not all sit well with her and she felt quite ill a couple of hours later, making a hasty retreat home along with Karen and Rikki while I was otherwise occupied.

Most of the night I just wandered around from group to group, talking, laughing, and otherwise entertaining each other, or stood in one spot while the group around me shifted membership over time. In the kitchen early on, I reminisced with Eva over highlights of the past three months, while in the smoking room, I talked to Davina about school and the vagaries of traveling (though she seemed somewhat preoccupied, occasionally trailing off and staring into space, a condition she blamed on alcohol). Sometimes I would see funny things even if I wasn’t sure what led to it, including a few trips and stumbles, and Mauritz having what looked like a semi-serious fight with Marcus when the bathroom door opened and he and Jelena (Mauritz’s sister) emerged together. At that point my own faculties weren’t really up to understanding more, so I returned to my discussion of the finer points of Viennese theater with Judith.

As the night wore on, sitting became more common than standing, whether in Fraser’s room with Fraser, Roel, Sorcha, and I, or in Sven’s room by his window and computer with Katherine and Jamie. Barbara left, claiming she was just walking Colin to the train, but ending up just going back to his place after deciding she was too tired to return.

The party ebbed a little by four, with many people trickling away. I occupied myself doing a shot with Mauritz and Davina, for some reason talking culture with Roel. By around five in the morning I was ready to go. Normally I would have stayed all night and then figured something out but most of the people I knew had gone, and the sudden, albeit brief appearance of the enormous dog I remembered from the first party seemed like a sign I should consider getting going. I made my farewells in a leisurely fashion, noting likely messes that I didn’t envy those who would clean up, and headed out to the train, running into Eva and Morgan on their way back from McDonald’s and waiting longer than I would have liked, with a growing headache, for the train back, where I gratefully into bed for a few hours, tuckered out from my night in the cage.

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