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Sunday Afternoon Hijinks

On Sunday I woke up around ten, surprising since I went to bed not many hours before, but the sunlight and birdsong made it difficult to stay asleep. Originally, Jamie and others had talked about doing some sort of picnic outside, but after the shenanigans of the night before (and there were oh so many) most people weren’t feeling up to it, feeling “broken” as Jamie usually puts it. Luckily for me, at this point in my time in Munich I have enough friends to find usually be able to arrange alternatives.

In this case, I went to meet Brooke (whose birthday it was) and Kerre at Fruhlingsfest. Unfortunately I got there just as it began to rain. Kerre, Brooke, and Charne (whom I hadn’t realized was also with them) said we should go somewhere else, preferably indoors, hard to argue with as the rain thickened. The three of them had already been drinking some, which helped make the train ride very funny (and loud, people kept staring at Kerre and Charne). We got out of the train and went to MAH bar (scene of a memorable Toytown a few weeks earlier) and met up with the two Andreas’ (one German, one Romanian). The German one (affectionately referred to by his last name, Koeck, by Kerre) lives in the building and is a bartender there, so he let us in and people started drinking and chatting. Michael (called Melon) came with a couple of friends, followed not long after by Anni and Ida, making what was originally intended to be just Kerre, Andreas and Andreas into a proper party. Highlights included Charne accidentally shattering an ashtray, Anni making plans for her last weekend, singing happy birthday to Brooke and letting her play Nirvana, watching Kerre get creamed in Ping-Pong by Michael, Charne forcing people to dance, and Ida chasing wine with Red Bull. All in all a fun time.

I was thinking of going home but was convinced to stay by the group and go with them to Jaeger’s. Kerre and Andreas promised to join us after getting some things from his place, but somehow never made it back out. The rest of us went to Jaeger’s in reasonably good order, meeting Fred there, and sat around a table talking of nothing in particular. I was becoming quite fatigued from my weekend lack of sleep, so was only there an hour before making my farewells and going home.

At work this week it looks like we may lose Simon the new intern which would be not fun for me, not just because he’s a nice guy but because I will then have to do all the work of two interns again, one taste of that was enough. Otherwise though this week looks promising, with plenty of evening activities to look forward to.

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