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Tumult and Tumble

I get knocked down, but I get up again. Chumbawumba may be more a theme of my middle school years but it’s definitely apropos for the tumult of the past week both at work and elsewhere.

Work wise I have for what feels like the billionth time moved computers and rooms. Ostensibly the computer I am at now is faster than the one I was at before but I have been having issues with it crashing programs, not to mention that it is a Mac and thus inherently not as good as the PC I was using before (plus it doesn’t have Freecell to keep me busy when I am bored). The new more active interest in what I do continues with mixed results as it is nice to be able to ask for new assignments without worrying too much about getting dull tedious tasks but at the same time it is hard to be productive when a boss stands right behind you silently watching you work.

The tumult outside of work has been different, in some ways more stressful but still a pretty good week. On Monday I went to a pub trivia night (done in both German and English) with Kathleen and her friend James. We decidedly did not win (who knew that Borneo is claimed by three countries?) but it was a lot of fun regardless and interesting to hear about Munich from a couple of Americans who have lived here for a few years and how they’ve adapted, or not, to life here. Though tired, I still went out Tuesday night to Shamrock. It was the night of a big Bayern soccer match and every bar and restaurant has screens tuned to the game, with the patrons cheering or booing as Bayern proceeded to stomp the opposing team. The victory chants could be heard all over, an eerie thing to hear in German.

Inside Shamrock I said hello to Lydia and Fred and Michael and Charne I was also pleased to see Adam was back from England after a volcano delay had kept him there longer than he intended. The largely German crown there for the game trickled out as the game ended and karaoke began. As usual the karaoke singers mixed good and bad in both talent and song choice but at least I didn’t hear any Coldplay this time. Rather randomly I heard someone call my name while I watched a duet of Total Eclipse of the Heart, and turned to find Luisa had come into the bar with a friend of hers, yet another example of the strange small-town feel Munich can sometimes have. It was nice to see her especially not studying as the way she talked made it seem like that was pretty much all she had planned that week. Other than that the Shamrock night was par for the course, albeit with some fascinating bits enlightening me on things like inappropriate flirtations at the beach and long-held grudges disguised superficially by friendships. As I said, par for the course.

After a very lazy Wednesday (seriously I don’t have any recollection of going home from work and waking up the next morning yet I know I didn’t drink at all) I was happy for Toytown night to arrive. This week the venue was Augustiner Keller, a very large beer garden with room for thousands of people. It was the first time I felt that the Toytown group didn’t overwhelm whatever place we were in. On the way there I happened to be near Prashant and Becky on the train so I was treated to their rendition of the Lion King soundtrack and Prashant’s striking up a conversation with a stranger by beginning with “have you met my hot girlfriend.”

The actual beer garden was packed, unsurprising after the gorgeous weather all day.  The few tables with people I knew were full so I stayed standing up as I said hello to Adam, Michael, Anni (rather drunk), Ida (even drunker), Chan, Fred, Charne, and everyone else I knew there. Jamie fortunately called me so I was able to find him and Kristyn, and then he led us over to where Fraser stood near the beer area. We got our drinks and sat (rather far from the others) with Sven and Jonas. Kristyn had trouble sitting on a slope, constantly worried about falling over, but I rather liked the sensation and neither Sven nor I felt the danger Kristyn did. I caught up with them about their week, things like Kristyn nearly throwing her child in front of a train and people thinking she was the mother, Jamie and Fraser now sharing an office and thus spending even more time together and the like while enjoying the pleasant evening air. Fraser got up at one point to bring back a friend of his and Jamie’s visiting from Scotland named Alistair or Ally. He’s a nice guy, and luckily with an accent a bit easier to understand than the other two. Roel soon joined us though Sven and Jonas had to leave but the fun didn’t slow down as evidenced by Jamie asking Kristyn if she knew what a uterus is and her reply of “it’s where the babies.” That’s not a misquote, it’s what she actually said and Jamie insisted I put it here for posterity so there it is.

We decided to head down where everyone else we knew was as it was getting later and there was more space to us all to sit. Amid chats with Michael and Chan, teasing Charne over her Afrikaans writing and attempting to drown out the strained and very loud sounds of singing from Laura, Helen and company, time just flew by. Sitting with Jamie, Fraser, Roel Ida and Kristyn, I was watching Laura and others dancing on tabletops when a guy got up to join them and Jamie realized it was someone he had met while traveling in America with Ally. He brought him over to our table, where he promptly tried to inspect Kristyn’s purse. In her eagerness to get it away from him she knocked over a beer, which spilled all over both Ally and Ida. Though Ally regretfully said he no longer liked Kristyn and may even have to fight her, she managed to placate his rage somehow. Ida complained about being all wet and made Kristyn feel the damp clothing, much to Fraser’s amused attention. Other Finnish girls arrived but though I was loath to miss what were sure to be many more worthwhile events, I chose to be responsible and get home before the trains stopped running. Between the necessarily extended goodbyes and going in the wrong direction on the S-bahn one stop, I almost didn’t make anyway, but with patience managed to get home, where I talked to Ian on the phone for a bit before collapsing into bed and today dealing with work and the switch yet again on Monday to a new workstation. Tonight though it’s back to Fruhlingsfest, and adventure…

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