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Mistaken Identity: A Short Poem

Mistaken Identity

The dawn breaks, radiant light rolls across the landscape with the promise of a new day

No, I just laid eyes upon you

The dew evaporates, mixing with the scents of honeysuckle and rose in a heady perfume

No, that’s the sensation as you pass

Birdsong, rushing rivers, the sighing of the warm wind

No, that’s your voice, the lilt and the melody

The sun emerges from behind a cloud and light sparkles on ocean waves as warmth suffuses me

No, you smiled that heart wrenching smile

A brief cloudburst, cool and refreshing, welcome and invigorating

No, that’s your thoughts, dancing like raindrops, endlessly exciting

The evening comes; soft purple light and contentment permeate the land

No that’s your hand, held in mine

The stars wink into glittering being above, filling the heavens with shine

No, that’s your eyes, sparkling and bright

Your beauty, your mind, your stunningly good heart

Only all of nature can encompass, even part

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