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Disjointed Week

I’m sitting at work and I’m nearly the only one here because yesterday was Ascension, the Catholic holiday celebrating Jesus going to heaven. I’m not sure how this translates to people cooking cheese on the sidewalk but that was a particularly…pungent reminder that it was a holiday.

It’s actually rather nice to have it so quiet at work, though with all my bosses and supervisors gone I’m not exactly sure what to do when I finish assignments. Oh well, I can at least enjoy the fact that I will be in Prague this time next Friday. As for this week, I rather enjoyed most of it, and the parts I didn’t enjoy were at the very least educational.

Tuesday was a rather good day. I had lunch with Jana at the Indian restaurant in Garching, which was both tasty and fun with her strange mix of assertiveness and as she put it “very indecisive” thinking. I needed a good meal anyway as I am becoming increasingly disenchanted with my diet in Munich, I sometimes really miss American food. That night at Shamrock, Melon (I’ve succumbed like everyone else to calling him by his nickname instead of Michael, despite my initial resistance) reprised his stirring rendition of “The Real Slim Shady” to well-deserved wild applause and approbation. It was a nice background tune to the inevitable gossipy news that while amusing is less interesting to me now that it’s started to repeat itself. Charne’s enthusiastic (to say the least) return to single status made me smile, as did Adam’s always-entertaining recount of his weekend. I also met a few people, more of the “new to me even though everyone else knows them and Facebook keeps suggesting them as friends” people, including Jon and Ali, whom I had spent three months thinking were one person named Jon Andally. I got to know Ali a bit, learning she’s one of those people you want to hate for so clearly going to be more successful than you yet you cannot help but like because they are genuinely nice, engaging people. Having graduated high school lived in Japan and Germany and now preparing for medical school in Spain, yet somehow modest about it and very likable, Ali definitely fits that mould. It was a mostly very pleasant evening all-around.

Wednesday at work was rather stressful, with a massive piling of work coming rapidly upon me and making me wish yet again that Simon hadn’t quit, there really needs to be two interns for everything to get done both well and efficiently. Combined with a disheartening if enlightening conversation with Ida online it’s a wonder I made it home that evening still vertical. The evening did a lot to cheer me up though, as to both keep up vital journalist skills, write interesting stories for the blog and just for fun, I went over to Fraser’s apartment and did a long, no-holds-barred interview with him and Jamie. Transcribing that interview and annotating it for an entry is a bit arduous but well worth the effort, even with the necessary editing. Fraser then went to meet Sorcha and Katherine while Jamie, who is back in Britain this weekend, spent the night playing video games with Sven while I went home.

Thursday, though I was off from work, I spent being productive, applying to several jobs (I only need one!) and working on a few other personal projects, not to mention cleaning up the apartment and doing laundry. Ah the glamorous life I lead. Still not totally a loss as the magic of the Internet kept me from feeling a total shut-in. I went into town around seven, meeting up with Kerre for dinner at a Thai restaurant for reminiscence and noodles. We then walked over to Die Bank for the Toytown meet up; the place was absolutely packed with both Toytowners and others. Kerre insisted on doing tequila shots and I obliged her, following it up with a beer as I circulated, saying hello to a dizzying number of people (though the dizziness may have been just the shot). Moving around the room that night brought many fun scenes to my eye. I spoke with the Irish/British group I had met at the Isar barbecue, got some well-meant if unspecific advice from Jon, and met the elusive (if perennially discussed) Sarah, which in itself was notable. Though not mentioned much on the blog since I had not met her before, she is one of the “names” of Toytown, that is, someone whom everyone else seems to have known, met, and have a crazy story about. Sometimes it’s just the standard “we drank way too much” story or the slightly less-common “we drank way too much and made out with a stranger” stories, but with Sarah those stories can be even stranger. She is often in fact referred to as a “legend.” After finally meeting her myself I could see why.

I spoke with Jackie and Kayla about their day at the new taco stand (really) and laughed as Jackie and Kerre practiced the infamous “move” on each other and strangers around the bar. I got the chance to have a chat in person with Amy, whom I have spoken to online a lot but not seen since the day at the Isar party. She had some encouraging words and a friend who really liked saying my name. My favorite line from her: “As long as I have one ass instead of two I will wear what i want.” I hung out with Roel and Fraser and (after the obligatory pretending they don’t see each other) Kristyn, and despite awkward moments with people who have some misinformed ideas about my behavior, had a lot of fun and didn’t want to leave, only doing so when I absolutely had to in order to get the train.

The weekend beckons and I am excited…

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