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The Dream of Munich

Written at 1 in the morning after a memorable night at Die Bank and a momentary epiphany:

Aboard a plane to Germany, soothed by humming motion

My eyelids closed and deep asleep I sailed across the ocean

But what if the awakening that seemed so very real

Was just another fragment that my dreams chose to reveal

For like a dream, the logic here

Makes very little sense

Yet all just stare into their beer

And claim I must be dense

Relationships that come and go

Spats and feuds bizarre

Everyone nearly aglow

While somewhere plays guitar

Perhaps it’s not so different from the things I’ve always known

But maybe I’ve been sleepwalking right through the strange cyclone

Somehow always knowing things

Somehow never bored

Somewhere in it a false note rings

That’s hard to just ignore

Still if my time in Munich has been naught but fine illusion

I’ll thank you not to wake me till I’ve come to its conclusion

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