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My Mellowest Munich Weekend: Still Not Very Mellow Really

The week has begun and I am excited for in just four short days I shall be winging my way to Prague, just my backpack, a Rick Steves guide and me for a weekend exploring the capital of the Czech Republic. It will be tough to concentrate this week I think, but luckily I had a pretty mellow weekend and should be rested enough to get a lot out of the upcoming trip.

Work on Friday was splendid. I don’t know why having no one around made me so productive, but it did. Not only did I get all my work done and then some, I even fired off some job applications and got other miscellaneous tasks done. Roberto was gone the whole weekend so I had the apartment to myself. Not that that really changed my activities at home, but it did mean I didn’t have to worry about being quiet when I stayed up late as I did on Friday. I was invited to a movie watching evening but frankly felt too tired and lazy to make the effort for what seemed likely to be a very short trip. Instead I stayed up late talking to people, falling asleep around two in the morning and not awakening until one in the afternoon. A lot of people had taken advantage of the day off on Thursday to have Friday off as well and to travel about so there weren’t a lot of the normal Saturday night crew around.

Kerre had been inviting me to Saturday evening get-togethers for a while but I had rarely taken her up on them, but with the very unsettled state of the night ahead I decided to take her up on going to Amy’s apartment to drink and hang out with people before going to a concert at Jaeger’s later that night. I went out and met her at Haubtbahnhof and together took the tram out to where Kerre thought Amy’s place was. Much to our confusion and amusement, the address Kerre thought was correct led only to a parking garage. Barring the unlikely possibility that it led to some sort of underground superhero hideout, we decided it must not be quite right and Kerre called Amy to get the right address, which was close by, across the street. We went over and up to the fourth floor where Amy, her two roommates, Ken, Melon, Melon’s visiting friend Tom, Charne, Adam and Brooke were already starting to drink and hang out. Charne, was using Amy’s kitchen to cook a real spread for herself, noodles and chicken and more as apparently she had just forgotten to eat earlier in the day.

Everyone was in a good mood it seemed and eager to have a good night. And the decreed method to reach that good night was to be drinking games. The games were not themselves complicated, consisting mainly of guessing types of cards to be drawn and based on guesses right and wrong drinking and nominating others to drink certain amounts of alcohol. Drinking went quickly whether the drink was beer, wine, or a cocktail. Kerre, in a bid to avoid drinking too much too quickly, at one point opted to eat a packet of sweet and sour sauce instead, not the wisest choice perhaps judging from her exclamations of disgust and the need to actually drink more beer to get the taste from her mouth. In the same vein of poor decision-making (at least in my and everyone else’s opinion), Charne went onto the porch for a cigarette and decided to climb around on the railing, four stories above the ground, with the cigarette still clutched in one hand, a rather exciting moment for everyone. The games were fun as was seeing the ridiculously nice and large room Amy lives in, marred only by the giant Twilight poster, but I suppose no place is perfect. Eventually the group decided it was time to head over to Jaeger’s for the concert and so with much fumbling and delays we made our way to the tram. On the tram Kerre met a German woman justifiably curious as to what our loud and clearly non-German group was up to, while Tom spilled wine all over his shirt then insisted he couldn’t see it. For some reason several people decided when we got off the tram that piggyback rides were a good idea, so several people travelled that way to the bar. Personally I was hoping for Chicken fight, but alas that wasn’t the result.

The bar was already quite full when we got there, the band playing and mixing with the audience for singers. I saw several people I knew but they were way in the back and Jaeger’s is small enough that walking there would basically place me on the stage so I elected to stay nearer the bar with most of the rest of the group, acquiring drinks and relaxing while enjoying the music, a vaguely indie/acoustic rock sound mixed with cover songs. I got a chance to say hello to Cris, Gemma, Annabelle, Sara and Elodie and others as they wandered back and forth or stopped where I was to talk to our crowd.

At one point I looked up and saw Sorcha and Katherine standing in the entrance area but they turned around and walked out quickly, then stood by the windows peering in. Curious, I went outside to see what was going on and saw they were finishing beers they couldn’t bring inside. They told me of their new favorite band/cult and their plan to form their own cult, which seemed reasonable to me all things considered. When they were done we went inside and I continued my evening. Much of this consisted of explaining the mechanics of drug use as seen in Pulp Fiction to Kerre and Andreas (Andy), since they were surprisingly naïve as to the whole process. With all the drug education in high school though I have a pretty good understanding of the theory if not the practice of it all. For some reason, many girls at the bar decided to go ahead and draw mustaches and beards on themselves with marker. Some of them were quite impressive to see as Amy demonstrated.

I had no idea what Fraser and the rest of my normal Saturday group still in Munich were up to, so I was pleasantly surprised to see Fraser actually walk in the door, apparently fed up with trying to figure things out and just coming out to the bar. More amazing to me was that he had never even been to Jaeger’s before. Unfortunately his arrival coincided with many people wanting to go to a bar named Flex. I was torn but Kerre said I should come with them and as I’d followed her that far that night I agreed. But as I turned back from getting my jacket, I saw that she had apparently vanished. I was confused but just shrugged and stayed to listen to a few more songs when I saw Andreas getting ready to go. As he said he too had planned to go with the group but been left behind, we decided to go over together. Coincidentally, we ran into everyone on the train anyway having apparently accidentally timed our trip perfectly. We all got to the bar, where they had a cool system of dicing for drinks. Beating the bartender’s dice number meant you could get your drink half-off or even free, not too shabby. The bar was also very much a rock music kind of place, which was interesting on its own, much more reminiscent of an American dive bar than other places I’ve been to in Munich.

Charne who had passed “very drunk” a couple of hours earlier and entered unexplored territory of inebriation still handled herself well though she almost fell down a time or three. She’s rapidly developed an amazing line-up of anecdotes and back story. Perhaps not quite “legendary” status (As the highest level of crazy stories is accorded a la the Sarah stories, but quite impressive nonetheless. Many of the people who had come with us from Jaeger’s had been under the mistaken impression that the bar was a dance club and a lot of them left not long after arriving, and once again Kerre was among their number and again she didn’t say anything, leading Andreas and I to shake our heads sadly at her fickle female ways. Instead we enjoyed a chat with Sara and Elodie, who certainly knew how to keep tongues wagging. In the long run of continuing disappearances, the vanishing of Brooke and Charne capped it all off for us and we left the bar around half-past twelve. Turns out Charne and Brooke had just gone to get Melon and Tom from the train but had gotten hopelessly lost, which was why it took them so long to get back to the bar and we were already gone. I made my way home but instead of sleeping I stayed up to be indignant with Amy over a tiff with her boyfriend before falling into bed around four and somehow arising at ten feeling none the worse.

I spent a quiet day at home before going out yet again to Jaeger’s to play cards with Kerre, Brooke and whoever else deigned to show up. When I arrived, Kerre was watching Brooke play Euchre with Kathleen and two people I hadn’t met before, Alina and Caroline, both Au Pairs from Michigan. Kerre pulled out her own cards and I proceeded to trounce her at gin rummy and rummy while we watched people trickle in to the bar in order to see a cricket game on television.

Kerre and some others took a break to go get food but conveniently Becky was willing to step in and play me, losing not quite as badly as Kerre had been. When Kerre came back Charne had come in so switched the game to Hearts for the four of us to play. Though Becky and Charne had never played before they both acquitted themselves quite well and we drew an audience including Melon, Tom, and a strange fellow that Kerre for some reason equated with an unlikely (if hygienic) water vehicle. I chatted with the Euchre players and everyone else in between hands, but after the game was over it was already ten so I called it a night, walking back to the train and heading home.

Now if work would just be as smooth as Friday was, that would be excellent.

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  1. Kerre
    May 17, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    Melon’s friends name is actually Tom. Andy was the roommate of Melon who has liver problems and shouldnt’ have been drinking at all but wants to test his limits- he was wearing the black shirt. Also I like how you go into detail about how you trounced me at rummy, but make no mention of my amazing win after shooting the moon at hearts- this is such a one sided blog! :D:D

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