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Peachy Keen Evening

I am in Prague, taking a break from the heat and while I will write extensively about my time here, I thought I would take the opportunity to write a bit about the week before my trip.

For the most part the week was pretty calm. I went out Tuesday to Shamrock but it was a fairly laid back night. It was of course fun to find out facts of secret dates (revealed inadvertently) and to see everyone. More of Melon Shady was of course also rather amusing, but I called it a night early on.

On Thursday though, things were a bit…crazier. The Toytown night was at Peaches, which I hadn’t been to since my birthday because I remember hating the smokiness of it. Luckily, though smoking was still allowed, the amount of actual smoke present was much less. When I got there, there was a group of people I didn’t know or didn’t know well already ensconced at a table but while I was debating what to do, Barbara came in. The bar service was incredibly slow but we did eventually get a beer and went where everyone else had gone, the back room with the second bar. I said hello to Jana and introduced Barbara then talked to a random visitor for a bit before I saw Fraser, Aleks, Jamie, Katherine, and Casey come in. I caught up with them and got a fascinating anecdote from Aleks while at the same time saying hello the continual stream of people coming in like Kerre, Adam, Sara (Svensson), Brooke and others. I also met Jennie, a fairly new Toytowner (it was her second event) from Canada who said my face looked familiar. After some discussion, we realized that she must have seen me sitting at my desk at the Forward, the newspaper in New York City I worked at in the summer of 2007. A very small world sometimes.

The secondary bar wasn’t open so, unsurprisingly, everyone migrated slowly back to the main room, where the bar was. Toytown event goers have their priorities all set. Ironically it was there I chatted for a while with Charne and Melon. Ironic because Charne was having a detox week and not drinking alcohol at all that night. Melon was also not drinking as a show of support, at least until Charne left, earlier on in the evening than many others. And it was a night for drinking. Kerre and Sara had gone for vodka slushies earlier on, and many other people were sharing zombies (basically a bunch of liquor and juice in a bucket with many straws that a lot of people share, each trying to drink faster than the others to be sure to get their moneys worth.It was a tad surreal to have Charne be so calm and rational (well as much as she is capable of at least), but a nice change certainly.

I sat at a table with Fraser, Jamie, Casey, Katherine, Aleks, and Jennie who rotated along with a few others in and out of sitting there (including a hilarious trip by Aleks to figure out the popcorn machine. I had a nice time explaining some facts of life at Toytown to Katherine, who was surprisingly naive (or a really good actress messing with me) using Jana and Jon’s comments about Jana as examples.

It was definitely a pleasant addition to my Toytown memories, from Kayla’s surprise at not seeing me when she came in and detailed description of toilet training a small child, to Sarah having to be the sober caregiver for her boyfriend Jack (roles that she explained to me are usually reversed). I also saw Beatrice for the first time since I had met her at Jaeger’s weeks before. It took me a few moments to recognize her since her hair was now much more blonde than red, but it was nice to catch up and hear that things are improving for her (and that she apparently reads this blog).

I also took a lot of pictures, which I will be sure to upload soon. In almost a caricature of gender attitudes, taking pictures of Casey and Aleks was difficult because they insisted they always looked bad, though in the ones Fraser was in with them, he felt he looked pretty good and agreed with me that all the pictures of the girls were fine. I was even asked by someone why all my friends are pretty blondes, a statement met with dismissal by said blondes. Most people left at around the same time but since I was crashing at Kerre’s house before going to the airport I waited for her to make her goodbyes. She was sitting at a table talking to Adam when I was ready to go so I tried to get her attention by waving, and then waving even more crazily when she didn’t respond. I even tried taking a picture to use the flash to get her attention but that didn’t work either. I eventually had to poke her to get her to notice me and even then it took (as usual) another half-hour to say goodbye to everyone. I later learned that she had noticed y waving but didn’t want to stop the conversation, leading Adam to even ask her why she wasn’t looking at him.

Eventually though she did finish saying farewell to her many, may friends and we went to her host family’s house where I slept on a mattress on the floor for about two hours before having to get up and walk in the rain to the bus, train and airport…

Next entry: Prague!

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