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Boston University’s The Comment Magazine

The Comment comes out once a year and I participated in its creation both years I went to Boston University. I ended up learning a lot and having a wonderful time. The print edition comes out near the end of the spring semester but it can take a little while for the stories to appear online. Having noticed they are up and needing a while to write about the trip to Paris I just returned from, I thought I would post links to the stories I did in both 2010 and 2009 for your reading pleasure. Though written for a BU magazine, the stories and essays I wrote were chosen with a broader audience in mind.


LARP Me Good: The cover story of the magazine, a feature story exploring LARP, or Live-Action Role-Playing. I spent a couple of weekends with an eclectic group of people who didn’t just play a game, but lived it.

Apes at Sea: An entertaining look back at my first week on the academic cruise program Semester at Sea, examining the foibles and follies of myself and those around me through an anthropological lens.


Both are available in the archive of past issues

Snores and the Self: A news feature exploring a sleep lab at BU and their work on identifying how sleep can affect self-esteem and how people think of themselves.

Four-Color Family: A humorous essay about my first trip to Comic-Con International, the world’s largest comic book convention.

You may find many of the other stories well worth reading, they can be found on the Comment’s main website.

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