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Munich Weather Makes No Sense, But At Least There’s No Snow

Just four weeks left here in Munich, a chilling prospect if only because of how quickly time passes. Still, reflecting on the past week, I can console myself that I’m definitely getting the most out of the time I have. Perhaps a tad ironically, that very busyness (and busyness at work) means that this entry may seem a tad hurried and circumscribed in details, just because of other demands on my time today, so onto it with all due speed.

Perhaps it is because the end is near and perhaps it is for totally unrelated reasons, but I’ve started singing more at Shamrock on Tuesday. This week I performed two duets, Barbara Ann and Kung Fu Fighting, with Melon and Jennie respectively. As the pictures clearly show, it was much fun. And as always the…eclectic mix of people on Tuesday led to interesting conversational mixes. I relaxed at home on Wednesday, figuring, correctly, it would be an uncommon occurrence the rest of the week. Unfortunately, while the warming weather has been wonderful for a lot of things, it has turned my room into an oven. The windows face east, so all morning the room gets hotter and hotter, and that heat just sticks to the room so that even in the middle of the night I often feel like I’m in a sauna. I never thought I would be relieved for the current rainy and gray weather, but at least when I’m trying to sleep it’s very welcome.

So, already feeling a little fatigued, I made my way to Hofbraukeller on Thursday for Toytown, randomly running into Prashant and Becky along the way. The beer garden was nice, although the drinks area where they just sort of throw the stein at you wasn’t my favorite system. There weren’t too many people I knew at first but it wasn’t long before I saw Adam, Jon, Fraser, Oliver, Kristyn, Katherine and others. I had a very amusing conversation with Hannah (of the three last names) on subjects like Scrabble words, the effectiveness of beer as medicine (she’s in favor of it) and the hilarious pictures on Jana’s camera (worth a robust guffaw). Aleks, Casey, Jennie, and Barbara showed up later on, having gone to see the latest Sex and the City movie earlier. By the time they came though, the garden had already stopped serving so Barbara, Aleks and Casey went to see if the next-door bar would still serve. That was the last I saw of them for a while. The beer garden started flashing the overhead lights in an incredibly irritating manner, which did certainly accomplish their goal of chivvying people away. The general consensus at that point was to shift to Die Bank for the remainder of the evening and in slow fits and starts we all made it to the tram stop.

On board the tram, Fraser, Kristyn, and I observed how Jennie and Katherine, in order to presumably enjoy listening to Flight of the Conchords, put on their sunglasses and revealed their inner gangsters. The five of us actually rode a stop beyond Die Bank so Katherine and Kristyn could be closer to their train as they weren’t coming with us. Jennie, Fraser and I headed over to the bar afterward, squeezing in among the crowd that filled the bar to get drinks and then mingle. Entertaining moments included (American) Amy having Jon stuff money down her top (I still don’t know why exactly), the arrival of the missing three blondes and the recounting of their epic journey to get there, Hannah and Jana’s comedic performances, and discussing how to be photogenic with Oliver. I randomly met a new ESO employee named Chris who convinced me to stay a bit later than I normally do because we could split a cab back to Garching. We did so, and indeed he was nice (or drunk) enough to not want me to pay at all, so it worked out quite well for me.

The next day at work we had a fire drill of all random things, though I was happy it didn’t last very long and wasn’t a very big deal overall. It was nice to get in the sunshine though. Other than that I was just relieved to have the weekend begin, especially since it had been the first full five-day workweek in a while. Although the Saturday night crew is so-called for a reason, this weekend the plan was to go out on Friday instead because Eva’s sister was in town visiting from Sweden and their schedule really didn’t allow for going out Saturday. I also invited Oana, the new, Romanian, ESO intern as she is new in Munich and I like the idea of doing for her (at least in part) what Ross did for me when I first arrived.

It was strange going to Fraser’s with someone for the first time since Ross had left. I gave her a bit of background on the group and our shenanigans past and planned. When we walked through the courtyard, I heard people coming in right behind us and saw Morgan, Eva and Eva’s sister, with Katherine nearly directly behind them. It was good to see Morgan and Eva whom I hadn’t hung out with since before their trip to Prague. Actually at first I was a bit startles because they had clearly done a lot of sunbathing recently (possibly on the surface of the sun judging from their incredible tans), I didn’t even know Scandinavians could get that brown. Inside, I introduced Oana around and prepared drinks for us. In Fraser’s room, he and Barbara were watching the France and Uruguay World Cup match. Katherine, Oana, and I joined them for a while as more and more people filtered into the apartment. Sorcha, (who had originally planned on not coming out) came, as did Ally with Karen, Jennie, Oliver, Tenna, a much larger crowd than I had expected, especially since Fraser had mentioned he wasn’t sure he was even up to going out.

The plan was to go to Max and Moritz, the same club that the group, at least when I was there, had been unable to get into for various given and suspected reasons, too many guys, too big a group, too crowded in the club, and my favorite, the bouncer hating Jamie for no reason. To counter all of those issues, we left (minus Katherine and Sorcha who said they were just going to hang out with Fraser at the apartment) around eleven (with one last shot for Oliver) and split into small groups, making sure there were more girls than guys in each cab we took there. That way, getting into the club was no hassle at all really.

Inside, the club was pretty much empty and even a little chilly with the air-conditioners going full-blast in anticipation of the expected crowds. The place did start to fill up fairly quickly and soon enough was busy enough for people to dance without feeling like everyone else was staring at them. Looking up I saw Fraser, Jamie, and (to my great surprise) Sorcha and Katherine come in, and then almost as quickly vanish. Oliver went to go find them and then come back for Oana, Ally, Jennie, and me, but got distracted apparently, necessitating my own search, which found them all in the upper room, hidden away. We all made it up there, and then farther back to the bar, where Fraser, Jamie, Oliver and I decided to get a full bottle of vodka to save money in the long run. Most of the group had at least some of it, although as always the mixers started to run out first, making the drinks progressively stronger. It was fun, but alas even at that fairly early stage some had to leave. Oana had a meeting early on Saturday and Barbara wasn’t feeling well so they were soon gone, as was Eva and her sister. The rest of us soon headed out on to the dance floor.

Over the course of the next several hours there was a lot of entertainment, some only in retrospect. From comments like Aleks saying “It’s vodka, not alcohol,” and Jennie’s complaint of “I can’t feel myself,” to the two or three fights Jamie nearly got into (staring down much larger Germans in the process), it was a very busy evening.

While on the dance floor, my brain, apparently bored by the strange mix of current club music and throwbacks to the early nineties, started to name the different dance moves some of my friends were doing combining their origin with an apropos movement. It began when I noticed Jennie, whose sort of marking time dance move was moving her feet back and forth, so I named her move the Toronto Two-step. Casey on the other hand went for a much more robust style of dancing, with a lot more arm-movement in what I dubbed the Southern Belle Shimmy. Jamie and Fraser of course have long had their own unique moves, from pointing to strange hops that together I call the Glasgow Get Down. For the most part, though the move names have more to do with the person than the actually dance step, like Ally’s Manchester Minuet, Sorcha’s Dublin Dip, Katherine’s Britannic Boogaloo and Aleks’ Polish Promenade. This is apparently how my brain keeps itself occupied when my body attempts to keep to the rhythm at least approximately. By around five in the morning I was quite ready to go, helped along in that feeling by the choice of energy drinks as a mixture by Casey.

I went back to Fraser’s place first because Aleks had to get something from his apartment. On the way up I explained to her that Fraser was silent and moving so quickly not because he was mad but because he was in bed ninja mode, very focused on his bed and nothing else. Later on it turned out he didn’t really remember us coming up anyway, as I expected from his ninja mind frame.

We headed to catch our own trains and I was lucky enough to get there right before one took me back to my incredibly uncomfortably warm bed.

Waking up in midday, I was invited out by (English) Amy to meet up with her, Melon and Charne to hang out and so she could go watch shopping. We did more hanging out than watch shopping though she did look at several nice ones before we ended up hanging out at a bar for a while. Charne told us about her falling off her bike and injuring herself while Melon and Amy discussed the apparent entire lack in females of any sort in Staffordshire, and for some reason, lumber in England which led Amy to say “Other countries have wood too you know,” which at the time made us all laugh. We then headed over to Killian’s and Ned Kelly’s to watch the England versus America World Cup match. There were amusing sights like the American supporter in the hot dog outfit and the English supporter dressed like a woman (oh England). I saw and hung out with Noka and Lio and met her friend Tori as well. Noka sang along to the Tenacious D song they played which worked as well as anything else as a cue to head over to Killian’s, meeting up with most of the group from the previous night. Watching the game with them was fun, especially the English supporters dismay when their goalie let an easy goal in (I thought Oliver might cry), and seeing Aleks, Barbara, Jennie, and Casey downing pub food was an event in itself. By halftime though, the night before was really catching up to me, so I headed home, which was just as well since the debauchery I heard occurred at Jaeger’s that night would not have really suited my fatigue level.

On Sunday I woke to what seemed destined to be another hot day, one best spent away from my oven room. Conveniently, Brooke invited me to meet up with her, Kerre, and others to go to a free art show. Though the exhibit was realism, not my favorite style, I agreed to come and met up with Kerre and Brooke around two. We walked around and got ice cream and I learned amusing facts like Kerre getting into a wrestling match with someone whose name she didn’t even recall before meeting Melon, Charne, Andy, and Sorcha at the popular fish fountain. After introductions for those who didn’t know each other, it was off to the museum for sometimes great and occasionally boring painting, photographs and sculpture. The painting “Apotheosis of Pleasure” with it Caligula-esque party showing faces of actual celebrities, and some of the hyper-real industrial paintings were rather neat I thought.

Afterward the group split apart and I went with Melon to get food and meet up with Adam. We headed over Hofbraukeller to watch the German and Australia match, but it was raining when we got there and I was already pretty miserable. We found Jon, Lydia, (American) Amy, and Anthea (whom I had met before but could never recall her name) sitting under umbrellas and hoods while discussing other options. Amy left to go to Backstage and Melon, who wasn’t feeling well, went home while the rest of us (plus Jana who showed up right as we were getting ready to go) headed off to the area of hostels picking ~Jaegers to go to, despite the bar being closed. Anthea and I were both not really feeling up for the game at that point and so I headed home, to relax and chat with Alina and others online before falling asleep to the sounds of honking horns celebrating the German win.

This week should be rather busy as well, but I look forward to all the possibilities as always. Even when I try to concise I notice, it is difficult to keep the entries short. I may fill in more in bits and pieces over the week actually, depending on how I feel about it. And now, onward!

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