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The Scotsmen Interview: Part Two

Part Two of the Scotsmen Interview. A direct continuation from Part One. This time, the beginnings of the Saturday Night Crew, and the origin of Jamie’s hair.

ES: So you had your trip, you realized it was good not to live together, and then you got to Munich and you started working. Now Fraser, you have three flat mates who are all German, and you Jamie have a flat mate who is not from Germany [Roel], he’s from Holland.

JD: Netherlands to be precise, he gets annoyed when you say Holland.

FC: Yeah they’re not the same.

JD: Holland’s a region of the Netherlands. I didn’t know that until we started living together.

ES: Okay, so you’re set up and you’re working and then you set up this whole system of going out. I mean I’ve heard stories of you guys going out a lot.

FC: That’s pretty much all that we do. Recently Jamie said he wasn’t going to drink but that there was nothing else fun to do and I was totally in agreement.

JD: If I weren’t going to drink I don’t really know what I would do… (laughter) and then I had a drink that night that I wasn’t going to drink.

ES: So when I came, six months after you guys arrived, I came in January… I came into what seemed like a fully formed group, with a fairly solid core social group, you guys seemed to have pretty good plans for what you were doing, at least Thursdays and Saturdays. Did that just grow? Did you go to Toytown immediately and just go from there?

JD: We never really planned what we wanted to do. We never said we were going to try and create a group. We didn’t have a plan straightaway it kind of like morphed.

FC: It didn’t really happen until after we started going to Toytown.

ES: When was that?

FC: We talked about going while we were still

JD: I think we went maybe two weeks in.

ES: So in September?

JD: We must have gone after three weeks. I’m not really sure we made friends there, I mean we met Ross at Toytown.

FC: Akin…

JD: Yeah we met Akin there.

FC: We made the mistake of speaking to everyone at first (laughter). It was just more like on a Thursday that would be the thing to do.

JD: The Germans wouldn’t come to it. Roel came early on.

FC: We met Ross early and Akin. And then Kristyn was probably the one we met after that, because we met Ross and then we eventually spoke to her.

ES: When did you meet Kristyn?

FC: I remember it was in the Cocktail House.

JD: No it wasn’t Cocktail House it was Clubhouse.

FC: Really?

JD: Yeah, because remember, Lydia introduced us.

FC: Oh yeah.

JD: I can’t really remember now, but yeah I guess at that point we weren’t really creating a group, and then at that point when we met Kristyn, we decided to try and create a group and getting her to bring girls in…

[Editor’s Note: It was a long-running joke that Kristyn would recruit girls for the group]

[Phone rings, it’s Fraser’s mother. Fraser leaves room to talk to her]

JD: Where were we?

ES: You met Kristyn…

JD: We met Kristyn and then we just started…going to clubs. I really can’t remember the order of things, then came Eva and Morgan…

ES: That’s when I was there.

JD: We must have gone out a bit before Christmas then. We must have been out; my memory’s fading a bit. We used to go out Fridays and Saturdays, now we just go out Saturdays… We used to go out with just the Germans more. Oh yeah I kind of remember now, we used to go out with some other girls, we used to know some German girls.

ES: Used to? What happened to them?

JD: Um… we don’t talk about them anymore (laughs).

ES: Are they buried in the backyard or…?

JD: You know the stories about them.

ES: I know the stories? What are their names?

JD: Eh…names aren’t important (laughs). They were some girls that we were friends with, but then I was seeing one a little bit and then Mauritz ended up kissing her.

ES: Which one? You gotta give me at least a first name.

JD: Fine, her name’s Steffi. Yeah and she and a couple of her friends, we must have gone out with them a couple of times.

ES: And what happened? You were dating one of them and…

JD: I definitely wasn’t dating her. It was nothing that major to be honest. Like, I wasn’t really annoyed at Mauritz or at Steffi, it wasn’t as if we were seeing each other and she cheated on me, it was nothing like that at all. It was more like once she kissed Mauritz I didn’t have any interest in her anymore because, yeah it’s just like that. So yeah and then we she just sort of fell out of the group. And that was around Christmas time.

ES: And then it was the second week after people went back to work in January that I met you guys in Toytown.

JD: Right so then the new year we were like, look let’s get a group together and in general bring people around and that’s kinda how Morgan and you came around and then Barbara as well.

ES: That’s the part I was here for and I clearly remember it happened very quickly. It seemed like such a planned thing I was surprised it wasn’t a continuation of something from before the winter break.

JD: No, I think it must not have been.

ES: Interesting. Okay since it’s just you here I might as well ask a purely Jamie question. The hair. I get a lot of questions about the hair. I get questions like, why the hair…

JD: Why the hair?

ES: Like if it was planned or if you just didn’t want to get a haircut.

JD: Well I mean my hairs gone through quite a lot of different phases. I’ve had it in like a long-form for four years maybe. Maybe not that long, maybe like three years. At one point I had more like an actual afro.

ES: Really? Deliberately?

JD: Yeah, I guess so. I got a lot more attention with that hair then I do now.

ES: And did you enjoy getting attention based on your haircut?

JD: Yeah, I guess that was the point at the time, was for the attention. And then it just sort of spiraled into what it is now.

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