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Two Brief Thoughts on a Sunday Evening

Whilst working on my latest blog entry, I perused a few older ones and noticed that I am not always good at getting names right after first meeting people whether it’s correct pronounciation or spelling. For instance I wrote Tennr the first time I met Tenna, and Kris, the first time I met Cris. Yet somehow I got Sorcha right even though I pronounced it “Soy-ka” for the first month I knew her because that’s how I heard her say it… Well, I thought it was interesting at any rate.

In addition, here’s another look at search engine terms people have used that led them to my blog. Some of them are just strange. I mean even if the blog came up on the search for “mpark system glasgow” why would you click on it? At any rate, worth a chuckle I would say…

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  1. June 21, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    Considering the randomness of this post, I figured I would leave you with a random comment of this awesome t-shirt I found!


    PS. Post that article you keep mentioning! 😛

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