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The End Is Near But Never Fear…

Tomorrow is my big going away party. I’m not actually leaving for another week but my flight on the next Sunday is so early there’s no way I’d want to have a big party the night before. At any rate I am very much looking forward to it, minus the absence of a few people who cannot attend.

I’m enjoying these last few weeks quite a lot as long as I don’t think too much about leaving and how that makes me rather sad. I’ve been out at least a little bit every night this week apart from Monday, which was mainly spent in packing and sorting and otherwise preparing. On Tuesday, instead of going to Shamrock straightaway as I normally do, I stopped off at the grocery store to buy a few beers and went over to Fraser’s. Though it was unfortunate timing, he was leaving the next day for two weeks, first stopping over in Glasgow then going with his family to Florida for a vacation. Since he wouldn’t be around for my party or even Toytown, I came over to hang out, drink beer, watch Spain beat Portugal in the World Cup, and generally say farewell. I had fun but goodbyes are sad, I don’t know what I’ll be like when I’m saying goodbye to so many people at once in the next ten days or so.

When the game was nearly over I headed out again as Fraser needed to finish packing and the beers were gone. I don’t recall ever going to Shamrock so late in the evening, although not being the first one there for once was cool. As I walked in, Melon, Patrick and Jennie were watching Charne finish warbling “Bad Moon Rising,” and I joined them at their stools. The bar was really busy, probably partly because of the recently ended game. Kerre came into the bar not long after I arrived and I saw Adam and others of the regular Shamrock crew as well. Between discussing drinking capacities with Patrick, taking ridiculous photos with Jennie’s camera and just general chatting, it wound up a pretty good night, a nice contrast to the last couple Tuesday’s, which haven’t been as good as I had hoped. I even got to see people I hadn’t very frequently in a long while like Annabelle as well as hear everyone around me belt out “I Will Always Love You” with varying degrees of success. Around midnight I hit the road walking to the U-bahn with Kerre and Patrick after Kerre did her standard hour-long goodbyes. Much like everything else this week, as I boarded the train I thought, “just one more…”

Wednesday I had made plans to meet up with a friend for drinks in the evening. Some sort of catastrophe came up however and they had to cancel. Happily though I had just been invited by Melon to meet up at Q62, a shisha bar near Munchner Freiheit. Although I don’t smoke shisha (or hookah as I always call it) anymore, I was glad to take advantage of my being in town anyway, and headed over. I didn’t know precisely where the place was, but coincidentally I ran into Melon and Adam as they were walking there so the three of us went to the bar, which was right above a Pizza Hut and had some sort of shared food deal and sat down. After a discussion of the masculinity of piña colada (which Adam decided to get after all) the two of them ordered a fruit flavored hookah and we relaxed in the warm evening air and chatted. Charne and Jennie came along while we were thus engaged and joined us. Jennie seemed a bit distracted but said she was having fun, while Charne also seemed not quite herself I thought. Regardless, it was a very nice, mellow way to spend a Wednesday evening. After an hour or so Jennie and Charne left, pleading fatigue and work as to why they had to go. The three of us decided to talk about them when they left, but didn’t get very far before Becky arrived. Adam and Melon ordered another hookah (apple this time) and because Adam said he was feeling rather warm, we moved out onto the terrace to cool off and enjoy the night breezes. I zoned out for a bit due to a combination of feeling tired, not knowing the people Melon and Becky were discussing and just general introspection. I did manage to pay attention during some interesting theories proposed by the others on certain events and people at Toytown. What amused me was when I sometimes knew more about the story than I could actually say without betraying confidences, keeping silent instead. I was still tired from the night before so I didn’t stay out too late, on the train platform I was rather surprised to see Charne and had a disconcerting moment where I wondered if the extra hour or so I had stayed after she left had only been a few minutes. I found out later she had just decided to stay out rather than go home but there was definitely a moment of chronological vertigo when I saw her.

Thursday at work we had our standard department meeting, made a bit sadder by the fact that not only are Roberto and I leaving after next week, but this is Colleen’s last week as well. She’s been a major support for me here and I honestly don’t know how well I would’ve handled some of the more difficult aspects of the job without her. But at least I only have one more department meeting to sit through, I reminded myself.

After work I did some more packing and then headed out for Toytown. As it was Adam’s last one, he had requested it be held at Tollwood, the summer beer/music/food festival near the Olympic park. Although actually closer to me than downtown, I had to switch lines to get to a bus to take to the festival. Once again coincidence struck and I rand into Adam, Andy, and others going to the park by the bus station. The event reminded me a lot of Fruhlingsfest, only with much nicer weather. We all got beer and found the other Toytown people sitting on a grassy hill outside the beer tent where the band played. Jon had planted his American flag, which certainly helped us locate the group. There weren’t that many people there that I knew at first, but as always that didn’t last long. Kerre, Olly, Jamie, Mauritz, Roel came along (usually with my directions aiding them) as did Oana and Olivier from ESO and many others. I got to talk with some I hadn’t seen in a while or see rarely too, like Ali and Kayla, which is always a plus. The weather was perfect, the beer was cold, and I felt very relaxed. Davina appeared at one point, apparently having been in communication with Mauritz and I spent a little time with the two of them by some of her school friends. Though I couldn’t understand much of what all of them were saying, they did remind me a lot of my friends and me at that age, albeit with a lot more smoking. I enjoyed catching up with Davina after so long and conquering her hesitance about coming to the party after she finished working.

There were a lot of other good moments that night. Jamie did his patented offensive comments series of getting to know you questions and as always it charmed the heck out of everyone. For the first time I saw the other edge of that trick though when he couldn’t drive away someone he actually didn’t want to talk to no matter how offensive he got, she just assumed he was kidding and laughed. Jana attempted to get Adam’s attention at one point but he couldn’t seem to hear her. I suggested she try saying his last name and when she said it, not even loudly, he looked up, driving her into a tizzy over the way he seemed more attuned to his last name. I got pulled aside more than once during the night by guys asking me about Davina and Oana, which led to some fun opportunities. The evening was much more sedate than I had expected, but very pleasant. I even saw Kerre, Adam and several others roll down a hill near the end like children again.

Some people were going to Die Bank but I didn’t really feel up for it so instead my fellow ESO interns and I walked to the train took it to Munchner Freiheit and caught a cab back to Garching. And as I unlocked my door I thought to myself, “just one more…”

But today is Friday and that’s always good. And tomorrow holds a truly epic night. Not to mention the debut of my toast/goodbye/poem at the party. It’s called the Munich Alphabet and it’s very entertaining. Until tomorrow…

Edit: Friday Night’s Story

Despite the many difficulties of the whole construction event at Kieferngarten, and nearly giving up after a long wait, I ended up going into the city after all. I had first planned to go back to Tollwood and meet up wtih Melon, Amy, and Kayla but after waiting so long I gave up, only, a few hours later to be back on the platform going in to meet up with Eva and Colleen near Marienplatz for a drink. They were at a bar near Killian’s and after some small confusion, I found them and sat down. I find it unfortunate that I won’t be around to get to know Colleen very much as she has some fascinating stories about life in Florida and her aspirations to become a brew master. She even told me the secret ingredient she wants to use as an additive to beer (although I cannot repeat it here lest she cut my tongue out and feed it to ravens). And anyone with a tattoo on the back of her neck in a strange script reading “It Is What It Is” is definitely someone I would want to be friends with.

We didn’t sit there very long before Mauritz joined us. I like that he and Eva are so openly affectionate, though I admit it is sometimes awkward to speak over the sounds of lips breaking off their suction.  The bar we were at was closing so we walked over to Sausalitos (famous as a home to drunken debauchery and with several locations), which I was pleased to do since I had never actually been there before. Inside the crowded bar we got drinks and I chatted with Colleen about the last six months in Germany a bit and sort of the story of how her friends in Munich (Morgan, Eva, Aleks, and Casey in particular( had become the group she was introduced to a month ago.  It was really hot in the bar and they were unfortunately starting to cliose up the outside area, so, pausing just long enough for Colleen to get the remainder of her drink in a plastic cup to take with her (a touch she marveled at), we walked over to Sendlinger Tor, getting ice cream for the rest of us along with way and sat a ta bar right by the U0Bahn station. This worked out as, wanting to catch the last train back to Garching, I could make my farewells and ride home, waiting again at Kieferngarten for a good (metaphorically) twenty minutes before eventually making it home and falling asleep.

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