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The Munich Alphabet

This is the toast I gave at my goodbye party. Imagine me saying it aloud to get the full effect.

The Munich Alphabet

By Eric Hal Schwartz

The time has come to say goodbye
My Munich trip concluded
So I have penned this rhymed reply
With every letter included

An alphabet from A to Z
To cover my life here
It’s filled with six months potpourri
With laughter and good cheer

A is Au pair, a nanny and maid. They come from afar, and barely get paid

B is for blogs, mine’s fun to write, I’m always quite sure it brings others delight

C is for couches I’ve slept on my share. When you live far away a bed’s what you declare

D is for dancing, a weekly occurrence. Having no skill is no cause for deterrence

E is for English, or as I prefer, Limey. How can you not love a group that says “blimey?”

F must be Facebook, which even now says I’m on. Though I try to sign off it won’t believe that I’m gone.

G is for all the Glaswegians I’ve met. If their home’s half as crazy I will love it I bet

H is for Helles, excellent beer choice. Top up my glass now I must refresh my voice.

I’s international and seeing the world. Expanding horizons with my mind unfurled

J’s for the jokes, for the humor and laughter, though sometimes the comedy was only clear after

K, Karaoke each Tuesday at Shamrock. From rapping to pop songs the group made the bar rock.

L’s Lola Ludwig, my first club in town. When out for the night it’s there I often get down.

M is the memories lost in an abyss, leaving mornings with questions like “Now who did I kiss?”

N stands for all the new things that I’ve tried, exploring through cultures that leave me wide-eyed

O is outrageous, an apt word for this crew. But it gave me good topics to write so thank you

P is for Prost, or Na zdrowie or Cheers, the language doesn’t matter when it’s followed by beers.

Q is for quotes both the awkward and droll, from defining a room to the size of a drinking hole.

R is for romance, affairs of the heart; or at least the affairs of some body part

S is for snow at last surrendering to sun, it’s already July and summer’s barely begun.

T is for Toytown my Thursday night out. Where I made such good friends and could have fun without doubt.

U is the U-Bahn, my friend and my bane. I rode them so often it near drove me insane.

V’s for Vienna, a weekend ideal, though like all of my time here it now feels surreal

W is work, the jobs we must perform, At least until the “free drinks for all” law reform

X is for the exits both stealthy and grand. My favorites were ones where they’d flee hand in hand.

Y is the yes sent to each invitation, every event provided new stimulation

Z stands for zero, the chance I’ll forget; a moment of time here, and the people I’ve met.

This alphabet’s ended
Though I could always say more
About each day so splendid
And great times galore

But I’ve finished this goodbye
There’s just one last goal to attain
So raise your glass high
I bid you all Auf Wiedersehen

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