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Something’s Fishy in Sweden

After leaving the Berlin hostel and dealing with a surprisingly strict security process at the airport, I found myself on a plane to Sweden. Stockholm turned out to be beautiful, warm, and full of people out enjoying the weather. After getting to my hostel and dropping my stuff off (at the top of a narrow staircase in a huge room full of beds). I immediately set out to see some the islands that make up the city. I loved wandering the narrow streets and admiring the palace and all the banks and civic buildings that spoke of a long and reasonably happy history, at least in modern times. I found myself accidentally near the place where Rick Steves said his books could be bought in Sweden. Much like Berlin, he was wrong and no one knew who he was unfortunately. Despondent, I bought a couple of small tour books, one for Stockholm and one for my next destination, Amsterdam. To cheer myself up, I asked at the hostel for a good Swedish place for dinner and had some excellent herring stuffed with salmon, before heading over to a giant tower from where I could watch the sun set the water and islands alight with colors as it sank slowly below the horizon (to the accompaniment of incessantly clicking cameras and the whir of video cameras, a sort of mechanical applause in a way). I wandered about in the dark, kept company by Read more…

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The Scotsmen Interview: Part Three

I know, I know, it’s been forever, why even bother. Well I want to get the rest of it transcribed and share it on here, so after many months, the Scotsmen Interview: Part Three. This time with fun Jamie stories and why the Scots accent is so charming… This continues from Part One and Part Two.

ES: So, do you miss Glasgow?

JD: Yeah I miss things about it. I’m not at the “I want to move back” stage of things, but yeah I miss a lot of it, certainly friends and family and that sort of thing. Actually that’s tolerable because you know I’ve got friends over here, but I miss knowing the city like I know Glasgow. Like in Glasgow I know where to be, where to go out on a certain night… just knowing the city, knowing where to go and all the best stuff. I also miss shopping back home, clothes shopping. And me and my group would go out oh two or three nights a week.

ES: Like really going out or just getting a beer?

JD: Oh yeah, really going out. There’s no half measures when we go out.

ES: Did you date a lot then or were you as off girls then as you are now.

JD: Dating? No not really. I’ve not had a proper girlfriend since my last girlfriend and we split in University. We dated…quite a long time, five or six years or so.

ES: When did you split up?

JD: Eh…three or so years ago or something I think?

[Fraser re-enters the room and sits back on the bed after his phone call]

FC: Sorry about that.

ES: No worries. We were just waxing reminiscent about Glasgow.

FC: So where were we?

ES: You got to Munich, you were making friends but didn’t have anything really set up, and then you meet Kristyn in Novermber-ish?

FC: It was before Christmas slightly right?

JD: No no we didn’t meet…It must have been… Oh yeah yeah of course it must have been November because I remember her coming out to Max and Moritz [a Munich night club] with us before we went back for Christmas. Maybe we met in November and started going out in December.

FC: Yeah and then Kristyn brought all the new ones like Eva and Morgan.

ES: Right that’s when I was there.

FC: That was your first time as well?

ES: Yeah, in my perspective then it seemed very well organized, like you had a whole system set up.

JD: That was probably the time we were really starting it. It wasn’t like that previously, it wasn’t as well organized.

FC: Yeah it definitely wasn’t like this before, no planning just asking people if you wanted to go out this weekend.

JD: Yeah like remember when we met to Max and Moritz with Roel, us two, Ross, Kristyn. But at that point Kristyn was the only girl.

ES: Now coming to the part where I was around… the comments that I get. Read more…

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