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The Scotsmen Interview: Part Three

I know, I know, it’s been forever, why even bother. Well I want to get the rest of it transcribed and share it on here, so after many months, the Scotsmen Interview: Part Three. This time with fun Jamie stories and why the Scots accent is so charming… This continues from Part One and Part Two.

ES: So, do you miss Glasgow?

JD: Yeah I miss things about it. I’m not at the “I want to move back” stage of things, but yeah I miss a lot of it, certainly friends and family and that sort of thing. Actually that’s tolerable because you know I’ve got friends over here, but I miss knowing the city like I know Glasgow. Like in Glasgow I know where to be, where to go out on a certain night… just knowing the city, knowing where to go and all the best stuff. I also miss shopping back home, clothes shopping. And me and my group would go out oh two or three nights a week.

ES: Like really going out or just getting a beer?

JD: Oh yeah, really going out. There’s no half measures when we go out.

ES: Did you date a lot then or were you as off girls then as you are now.

JD: Dating? No not really. I’ve not had a proper girlfriend since my last girlfriend and we split in University. We dated…quite a long time, five or six years or so.

ES: When did you split up?

JD: Eh…three or so years ago or something I think?

[Fraser re-enters the room and sits back on the bed after his phone call]

FC: Sorry about that.

ES: No worries. We were just waxing reminiscent about Glasgow.

FC: So where were we?

ES: You got to Munich, you were making friends but didn’t have anything really set up, and then you meet Kristyn in Novermber-ish?

FC: It was before Christmas slightly right?

JD: No no we didn’t meet…It must have been… Oh yeah yeah of course it must have been November because I remember her coming out to Max and Moritz [a Munich night club] with us before we went back for Christmas. Maybe we met in November and started going out in December.

FC: Yeah and then Kristyn brought all the new ones like Eva and Morgan.

ES: Right that’s when I was there.

FC: That was your first time as well?

ES: Yeah, in my perspective then it seemed very well organized, like you had a whole system set up.

JD: That was probably the time we were really starting it. It wasn’t like that previously, it wasn’t as well organized.

FC: Yeah it definitely wasn’t like this before, no planning just asking people if you wanted to go out this weekend.

JD: Yeah like remember when we met to Max and Moritz with Roel, us two, Ross, Kristyn. But at that point Kristyn was the only girl.

ES: Now coming to the part where I was around… the comments that I get.

JD: Are there any comments like your mate’s pure hot, can I get to fuck him?

FC: If the answers yes then say, send me a photo.

ES: It could happen.

JD: Are they hot?

ES: Maybe?

JD: Would I find them hot though?

ES: Anyway the point I was trying to get to is that pretty much from the weekend I started going out I was hearing a lot of crazy stories sometimes involving Jamie, often involving you Fraser. Actually I don’t know if you remember, my first week out when we tried to get into that one place and we couldn’t get in and we went to Lola. That was the night Ross totally disappeared and we had no idea what happened to him.

FC: That could be any night with Ross.

ES: Well I remember it was four in the morning and I was tired and you said you were going home so I followed you and we a chat on the way back.

FC: Yeah I was fucked by that point.

ES: Well anyway you told me some crazy stories and I guess I was thinking, the not exactly drama, but excitement that sort of haunts the group from week to week. Do you guys see it as a plus? Is it something you enjoy?

JD: I’m fine with it.

FC: Yeah, there’s less now.

JD: Ever since Mauritz got a girlfriend and Klaus too.

ES: That was like the second week.

FC: Yeah but there used to be a lot more.

JD: In those days you wouldn’t even remember getting back ever.

ES: But that all happened really quickly I thought.

FC: Yeah, within a week I guess. The drama was quite fun.

JD: I want more drama.

ES: Well to be honest it doesn’t really seem to affect you.

JD: I’d sacrifice being off girls to get more drama.

FC: It makes a little bit more interesting yeah. It’s just fun at the time.

ES: Well like Jamie one of the things you do, even when sober is say things that are deliberately provocative, I assume for the shock value.

FC: It’s more like if you can’t roll with those kind of punches then you’re not going to last. Like some of the jokes. We’ve been brought up to take the piss out of each other constantly, probably from high school onwards. And anything you do that’s even a little bit different is going to get shot down (laughs).

JD: Like before we’d pick someone for the group we would just test what they were like, like I did with Babs.

ES: I would say she passed the test though.

JD: Yeah she’s fine now

ES: But you guys have a flair for not only creating drama but for shifting any negative aspects of that drama away with just a few words and sometimes shutting it down as fast as you bring it up and while I’ve seen other people do that, I’m always impressed with how you do it. Would you say that’s a natural instinct you’ve honed or something you’ve tried to work at?

JD: (Laughs) How do you mean drama in this case?

ES: Well you say something that might agitate them, and then you add something that shifts blame for it or confuses them so they don’t know whether to be upset…

FC: That’s the beauty of it when it confuses them. It’s not conscious

JD: No definitely not conscious.

FC: It’s probably just because we don’t really…care enough to do it on purpose.

JD: I do enjoy being quite forward and in your face.

FC: I like someone that can take the piss out of me as well as I can take the piss out of them. I find those conversations a lot more fun than just talking about random stuff.

ES: Well yeah but then I think of your first conversation with Sorcha, remember Jamie all about…

JD If she was a lesbian (laughs). I was sure she was, my radar totally popped up.

ES: Well anyway, having spent more than a few nights out with you guys now, I’ve forgotten whatever else it was I used to do on weekends, I wonder how you go from that to being such good friends.

JD: I guess I can see their limits or just tell when they’re not liking it, I actually don’t know because I just keep going anyway. A lot of it is that Scottish charm.

ES: Really? So how much of it is the accent?

JD: It doesn’t always work.

FC: Yeah not so much here, in America it definitely works. Here anytime I’ve talked to the few random girls I’ve ended up talking to in like in a club, it’s fine. But Babs for instance or people like Roel who have traveled about, accents aren’t really a novelty.

ES: But what about in America?

JD:  We did alright but we didn’t really go out “slooshing” about [Editor’s note: That’s how the word sounded.]

FC: Yeah but we didn’t really do that, as a group of guys we didn’t really go out on the pull.

JD: We play this game back home, we have like four or five of our male friends plus one girl, usually Laura and we all put two pounds in and whoever pulls gets all the money.

ES: Who would usually win?

JD: Eh, she’s usually too drunk to win. None of us really try to win

FC: It’s more the kind of thing to try and inspire you to go big but it’s not a case of like going and that’s the first thing you do it’s just more of… and no one even pays because they’re too fucked by that point anyway.

JD: We played it once here when Ross was here, Ross won actually. I set him up.

ES: Some German girl?

FC: China Lee.

JD: (laughs) Yeah it was amazing. The story was, I started talking to this girl, China Lee.

ES: That was her real name?

JD: Yeah it was. I started to talking to her but I wasn’t really interested in her and I was already off girls so nothing happened so I set him up with her, and they were talking for ages. And then they went away off to the dance floor and they were dancing and then after an hour Ross came back and was like “I’ve not kissed her yet, I’ve not kissed her. I keep trying to kiss her and she keeps pulling away.” And I was like well she definitely likes you. Then he went off to the toilet or something and I went up to her and was like What the fuck’s going on I thought you liked him and she goes “Yeah, I’m a bit shy” kind of thing then Ross came out and I said you just gotta kiss him and get him into it and Ross came back and I said watch and I walked straight up to Ross and kissed him and left. (laughs). And she just shrugged her shoulders and walked over and started kissing him. I really did quite facilitate that.

FC: Then it turned out she was fourteen.

ES: She was fourteen?

JD: No, no but she was quite young, she said she 21 but I didn’t think so.

ES: So Jamie, speaking of the famous phrase “I’m off girls,” I have to ask, what led to the off girls thing. [bits of hemming and hawing as Jamie hesitates] Can you at least tell me why it’s a secret.

JD: It’s not a secret it’s just a delicate thing.

ES: How would you put it delicately then.

JD: I’m not off girls in the sense that I wouldn’t do anything with a  girl because of anyone else, I’m not waiting for anyone, I’m just… About Christmas time when I came back, there was some stuff that put me off girls a little bit. Not off girls, I just wasn’t in the mood for chasing girls maybe? And I wasn’t even before Christmas, I wasn’t…there was the one girl [name withheld] a little bit. And if it was right around I might go for it but there’s not any girls right now, I’m quite fussy.  I’m not attracted to anyone right now. I’m not just going to have sex for its own sake. I’ve had quite a few chances to do that but…no.

ES: Well there are degrees.

JD: Yeah but I hate kissing just for kissing.

ES: So really no one since Christmas?

JD: Well no, no…[pauses, nervous laughter] wait hold on actually, I just realized how this is going to sound. It’s not that I haven’t met anyone that’s not attractive enough, because that just sounds terrible. Okay, so half of me has feelings for people that aren’t in Munich at the moment and because of that it means I don’t want to just fuck about, not because there’s not attractive people just because of my state of mind that…I don’t know I’m just not in that state of mind really. And I don’t want to mess anyone about.

ES: So you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings?

JD: No not that, don’t care about that. It’s just that, I’m not really sure what it is.

ES: So I think I know of one. Are there others?

JD: There was only one girl in Munich, who wasn’t a visitor.

FC: (laughs)

[removed bits about the girl in Munich]

JD: So I’m not off girls definitely, I don’t actually know what I am. I’ll probably go back on girls at some point in the future.

ES: So like those old movie stars who didn’t want to commit or were gay and couldn’t come out, you don’t have anyone special but you have a lot of friends?

JD: It would be great if I came out in this interview. But no, I’m not.

ES: What about if you get tempted, is that why you try to throw girls at other guys if they seem interested in you?

JD: No if I’m tempted I will go for it, I’m just not tempted.

Very soon (I promise) part four will arrive.

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