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Tales of Europe: English Entertainment With Portia and Pals

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I spent a lot of time in London during my travels, first a ten-day stay on my own, then a couple, briefer stays in between other trips around the British Isles. On those other times in London I stayed with my friend Portia, a wonderful friend I made during my Semester at Sea academic cruise in summer 2008. Portia lives in London near Wimbledon, going to Richmond University and working to become a full-time professional photographer among other things. She’s very talented and smart as one can see, and generous enough to lend me her floor/couch when I needed it.

Portia and I had a lot of fun, whether going to the Notting Hill Festival, a celebration of Caribbean culture, or just going to the movies, which we did twice in rather quick succession. We explored London’s biggest comic book shop and more than a few pubs, a really great and relaxing break between more hectic trips.

One of the best things we did was go to Read more…

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Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson

November 29, 2010 Leave a comment

One of my favorite parts of traveling to New York and New Jersey to see family is when my father and I go to see a Broadway show. It’s an interest we share that simply doesn’t appeal to either my mother or my brother and so is a good bonding experience for us and frankly just a lot of fun. The combination of story and song grabs me, and seeing a live show is exhilarating in a way that no movie or television show ever could be. It is almost surprising that I like it at all let alone so much, considering that just music, just dance, and (often but not always) just theater don’t really appeal to me. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

This particular trip, the compromise my dad and I made on what to see (as Spider-Man doesn’t start until next week and Scottsboro Boys did not appeal to me) came to Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson, a show neither of us had heard anything about but that promised spectacle and history with a rock soundtrack in a combination that I thought would appease both of our tastes.

And I was right. BBAJ entertained nearly Read more…

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I Have a Blog? Oh Right, That Thing…

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

So I told myself when I went to Munich in January that I would start and keep a blog regularly updated while I was there. And I did. Good for me. But then my internship ended and I spent nine amazing weeks traveling all around Europe. Despite my best intentions, I got so caught up in actually traveling that after a a couple of weeks my updating basically ended for the duration. No regrets, I was busy. But now it’s the middle of November, my life has changed and settled (for a while at least) so I feel like I can start things up again. I’m going to try some new things, keep some of the old things I liked, and generally just get back into the blogging regularly thing. As before, the “journal” type entries are at heart for me, and for those who might be interested. There may be a migration of them to somewhere else if, (as I hope), I start blogging in a more professional style as well. As a sort of “where am I now” update, here’s some bullets:

  • I am living in Washington DC
  • I am working as a writer for the Environmental Protection Agency
  • I hope to have a place to live that is not crashing with my brother very soon
  • The social scene in DC and in America in general is…different from Munich, so we shall see how that develops


That’s about it for real basics. In between regular updates I’m going to include “Untold Tales of Europe” to put in some of the stuff I would have blogged about had I the time while I travelled, as well as I hope FINALLY finishing transcribing the Scotsman Interview (amusingly out of date in some ways but what the hell I only did it for fun anyway). That’s all for now, tomorrow begins the new saga…

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