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I Have a Blog? Oh Right, That Thing…

So I told myself when I went to Munich in January that I would start and keep a blog regularly updated while I was there. And I did. Good for me. But then my internship ended and I spent nine amazing weeks traveling all around Europe. Despite my best intentions, I got so caught up in actually traveling that after a a couple of weeks my updating basically ended for the duration. No regrets, I was busy. But now it’s the middle of November, my life has changed and settled (for a while at least) so I feel like I can start things up again. I’m going to try some new things, keep some of the old things I liked, and generally just get back into the blogging regularly thing. As before, the “journal” type entries are at heart for me, and for those who might be interested. There may be a migration of them to somewhere else if, (as I hope), I start blogging in a more professional style as well. As a sort of “where am I now” update, here’s some bullets:

  • I am living in Washington DC
  • I am working as a writer for the Environmental Protection Agency
  • I hope to have a place to live that is not crashing with my brother very soon
  • The social scene in DC and in America in general is…different from Munich, so we shall see how that develops


That’s about it for real basics. In between regular updates I’m going to include “Untold Tales of Europe” to put in some of the stuff I would have blogged about had I the time while I travelled, as well as I hope FINALLY finishing transcribing the Scotsman Interview (amusingly out of date in some ways but what the hell I only did it for fun anyway). That’s all for now, tomorrow begins the new saga…

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