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Things On My Mind

There’s no real coherent theme or story, just things on my mind I want to put down.

  • A year ago I arrived in Munich and went to my first Toytown event where I met most of the core group of people I would spend time with for the next six months. The speed with which time passes impresses and frightens me. At the same time, I’m rather proud of how I’ve developed since I started this blog, which was also about a year ago.
  • Writing about health and environment is rather sobering, especially when the information comes in such a raw form the way it does when working at the EPA. The scare tactics employed sometimes by media outlets aren’t present in the scientific papers and abstracts, but that just makes the content even more disturbing sometimes. Of course everyone knows that fuel exhaust and chemicals in plastic are not good for you, but to see how they cause asthma, developmental problems, and even obesity is very disturbing. Lifelong problems in essentially every aspect of physical, mental, and social health just because your mother was in the wrong place at the wrong time seems almost satirical in its awfulness.
  • My friend Rachel spent the week in DC before leaving early this morning. Wonderful to see and hang out with her, a reminder of a very different time in my life. I look forward to hearing about her international travels as they now begin.
  • I’m not sure why it’s so easy to predict other people’s short-term futures but I am getting pretty good at it. Conversely, predicting or even just estimating my own seems an insurmountable challenge. Every day comes out of left field and I find myself in a perpetual state of surprise and confusion. Distance from a situation is probably the reason it’s easier to understand but the disparity is still ridiculous in its starkness.
  • As someone who works to take responsibility for my life, waiting patiently and relying on organically occurring events is nearly intolerably irritating yet forcing the issue only leads to negative outcomes. Laid-back amusement is not my default mood despite the evidence otherwise. It’s the dark side of optimism. I could no more stop thinking things will improve than I could stop trying to improve them. Giving up is much harder than persevering.

More coherent posts will come soon, including some humor pieces.

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