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Footloose Feeling

In between writing stories about my current life, I thought I would write down some of the other fun times I’ve had that I didn’t post about at the time. This is the story of a Saturday night near the end of March, the night of Purim in fact.

Carolyn had invited me to go to a Purim celebration at the local synagogue but I wasn’t really in the mood. Purim for those unaware, is the holiday celebrating the triumph of the Jewish people in ancient Persia against a king’s vizier who wanted to kill us all. One of the commandments for the holiday involves excess drinking. It’s a fun holiday and people wear costumes but I decided I’d rather not go with her.  Instead, I arranged with Beth to meet up with her and go out with some of her other friends that I mostly (at that point) hadn’t met. Beth came to my place since we didn’t know where we were going to meet the others. My roommate Elizabeth and her boyfriend Jeff were watching Twilight while I made fun of them for it when Beth arrived. After providing her with a homemade cupcake Elizabeth had baked, she and I hopped a cab over to the neighborhood near George Washington University to Alison’s apartment.

Alison’s building was gorgeous, incredibly fancy outside and in. That said, we still somehow managed to wander in without having to deal with the security nominally running the place. Alison was still getting ready when we walked in, and Beth helped her figure out what to wear while I chatted with Alison’s roommate who had just returned from a trip to California. The night was still fairly young and the girls were hungry, so the three of us walked over to a nearby restaurant to get some food. When we ordered drinks, the waiter checked our ID and asked Alison where she was from. I thought it was a bit of flirting but apparently it was checking to see if she knew what was on it and if it were real, which surprised me as it doesn’t seem a very good test of whether the ID is real. The dinner was nice otherwise though, especially when the bachelor party at the next table got loud and the girls got hit on by the very drunk groom who went on and on about how he was in good shape for his age. It was very difficult to control my laughter while the girls did their best to placate him.

After we ate we went back to Alison’s to drink a bit before going out. Beth particularly liked the flat orange soda with vodka.  Although Beth and I had had a rather messy night there just the weekend before, the decision was made to go to McFadden’s partially because it was so close. Carolyn texted while we were drinking to tell us she was already done at the party and wanted to meet us. We said goodnight to Alison’s roommate and headed off to the bar. McFadden’s was as crazy crowded as I remembered it, full mainly with college students, but a fun atmosphere. We got drinks and headed onto the dance floor but had barely walked on before Carolyn spotted us. In costume for Purim, Carolyn wore what she called a LA Jewish American Princess outfit.  She drew more than even the normal number of eyes in her outfit and intense makeup, but this being Carolyn, it had no effect on her eagerness to climb the bar and dance with other girls to the wild cheers of the crowd around them.

She came down after a couple of songs and we proceeded to drink and dance more, soon moving to the less-crowded area upstairs. Minus some poorly made drinks, it was great. Some odd music choices played while we were there, songs like Shout that drew me back to the days of Bar Mitzvah parties. Perhaps the greatest moment though was when Footloose began to play and Beth nearly exploded from excitement. Radiating an enthusiasm that drew in other people to dance around her, she led us all in a spirited accompaniment to the song. When the song ended, leaving us breathless and laughing, we realized the bar was starting to close down. It was still early enough that plenty of other bars would be open we knew, so we headed out to find one of them.

We searched while talking, subjects ranging from humorous speculation on where their other friends had ended up to Beth explaining the lyrics of the song Poison. Finding a bar to go to proved difficult. Many were far overcrowded and sweaty and not to the taste of the girls, much to the disappointment of many guys, several of whom asked me what the story was regarding their single status. Though I’ve grown used to such questions, it never stops being funny.

We finally ended up at reasonable bar and went back to drinking and dancing. I enjoyed myself a lot at this bar, including some time spent on the roof deck, which had a great view but was filled with cigarette smoke, a reminder of one of the few aspects of European nightlife I disliked. The music was too soft for my friends tastes out there so we went back inside after a little while. Here again I felt besieged by questions about the girls but stuck with my standard response that they could speak for themselves. Three guys in particular eagerly danced with the trio but, having no interest and wanting to be polite, the girls simply moved themselves elsewhere. Unfortunately the guys followed them repeatedly, so that every time I looked up from where I was they were in a new place entirely.

With an collective groan of disappointment, everyone in the bar watched the lights come up and songs encouraging us to get the hell out come on. Grumbling, we exited and walked along the street, happy chatter mixed with snatches of song in the air. As it was on our way anyway, Carolyn, Beth and I followed Alison back to her place, relaxing in her living room (Beth almost falling asleep. Alison is recently vegetarian and complained of a craving for steak but said she had an alternative for herself that would work fine. Her solution it turned out was to eat canned corn in a bowl, which makes sense in a four in the morning after the bars close kind of way.  We were all yawning by then though, so the three of us said goodbye to Alison and her corn and shared a cab stopping first at my place while they then continued on to theirs. Happy with the evening and the stories, I fell asleep.

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