About Eric

Welcome. My name is Eric Hal Schwartz. I am a science journalist, and this is my blog. A science journalist is breed of journalist who writes stories about science, medicine, and technology, and their impact on the world. These days that is broad spectrum ranging from the latest scientific findings to trends in medical techniques, technology policy, or just how the latest explorations in quantumn mechanics affect our lives. As a science journalist I have been trained to write these kinds of stories and many others. Currently I am working as a science writing intern at the European Southern Observatory outside of Munich, Germany. I recently earned my Master’s degree in Science and Medical Journalism at Boston University and have worked as a professional writer for over three years in nearly every media. This goal in starting this blog is to not only to promote work I do professionally, but to write about my experiences as a journalist and inveterate traveler and share some of what I think and learn in a way that stricter publications can’t allow. I look forward to watching the path unroll.


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